NEW Ruger Custom Shop With Competition Firearms Announced

    Ruger Custom Shop

    In recent years, Ruger has been bringing a flurry of firearms to market that are dripping with high-end quality. They notably introduced the GP100 Match Champion in 2014. This put a lot of companies on alert that Ruger was not only capable, but willing put out Custom Shop quality firearms for the shooting community. They followed that with a Match Champion iteration of their SP101 to the delight of many wheelgun fans. Probably their most impressive and popular assemblage of quality has been the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR). Now a full-fledged Ruger Custom Shop is officially available to the public!

    Ruger is excited to announce the Ruger® Custom Shop, which represents the culmination of almost 70 years of innovation, quality and experience gained manufacturing rugged, reliable firearms.

    While Ruger products have long been recognized for their quality and innovative features, these latest offerings embody the pinnacle of style, performance and design. Custom Shop products offer a level of refinement and attention to detail that could only be expected from an industry leader like Ruger. Whether you are an advanced shooter or hunter demanding the most from your shooting experience or an avid collector looking for that next special piece, the Ruger® Custom Shop is sure to have something of interest.

    Custom Shop products have been designed by Ruger’s expert team of engineers with input from professionals in the field: competitive shooters, renowned hunters and award-winning writers. This new line of firearms represents the finest example of quality and innovation in Ruger® products built to the highest of standards. The Custom Shop will feature exclusive collectible, competition, hunting and personal defense firearms for the most discriminating of shooters.

    ruger custom shop

    This opens a new chapter in the history of Ruger’s company. Iconic moments like the introduction of the Ruger MK I or the Ruger 10/22 will never be forgotten. This could fall into the same category of importance. Chris Killoy, Ruger President and CEO, shared his personal thoughts on the opening of the Ruger Custom Shop:

    Our customers have been craving high-end performance variations of our popular models for a long time. We are thrilled to respond to the call and bring the Ruger Custom Shop to fruition. We are confident that these new products represent the very best in craftsmanship and performance.

    With the inception of a Ruger Custom Shop, what do all of you think? What would be the 1st Ruger firearm you would like to see get the Custom Shop treatment poured over it? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    BUT WAIT!!! THERE’S MORE!!! Just like a Billy Mays’ infomercial we have more Ruger Custom Shop announcements for you.

    ruger custom shop – 10/22 competition rifle

    With the inception of the Ruger Custom Shop, there are two factory models that will be offered to the public. The first will be a 10/22 Competition Rifle while the 2nd is an SR1911 Competition Pistol. The 10/22 Competition Rifle is a compilation of some of the best materials and features that someone could hope for in this time-tested rimfire.

    • Hard-Coat Anodized, CNC-Machined, Heat Treated & Stress Relieved 6061-T6511 Aluminum Receiver w/ an Integral, Optics-Ready, 30 MOA Picatinny Rail
    • Custom Receiver w/ 4140 Heat Treated & Nitrided, Match CNC-Machined Bolt to create a Tight-Fitting, Smooth Action that will enable the Highest Level of Performance
    • 16-1/8” Cold Hammer-Forged Bull Barrel is Fluted to Reduce Weight & Dissipate Heat & is Threaded w/ a 1/2”-28 Pattern to Accommodate the included Muzzle Brake or other Barrel Accessories

    ruger custom shop

    This is only a small sample of the technical specs the 10/22 Competition Rifle will provide. The complete listing can be found HERE. This rifle will have an MSRP of $899, and like all future Ruger Custom Shop firearms, it will come with a Letter of Authenticity, challenge coin, cleaning cloth and decal.

    ruger custom shop

    ruger custom shop – sr1911 competition pistol

    The 2nd firearm that Ruger is immediately releasing through their Custom Shop is an SR1911 Competition Pistol with very heavy influences from Doug Koenig.

    Over the past year, the Ruger® Custom Shop has worked closely with professional shooting team captain and world champion competitive shooter, Doug Koenig, to develop the first Custom Shop SR1911®. This full-sized 9mm pistol is the ideal SR1911® for competitive shooting in IDPA, IPSC, USPSA, Bianchi Cup, Pro Am Shooting and Steel Challenge disciplines.

    This is a little hot-rod of a 1911 coming from Ruger and as they stated above this pistol should be able to perform for nearly any style of competition you could participate in. Some of the hand-selected features for this pistol build can be read below:

    • Match Trigger featuring “Koenig Shooting Sports” Low-Mass Hammer & Competition Sear, Flat-Faced Trigger Shoe, Precision-Machined Cylinder & Slide Disconnector & Hand-Tuned Sear Spring
    • Competition Barrel featuring a Polished Feed Ramp, Fitted Barrel Lug, Target Crown & Unique 1:16” Slow Twist to Increase Accuracy w/ Lighter Weight Match Bullets
    • Machined Aluminum TechWell Magwell for Lightning Fast Reloads

    ruger custom shop

    The complete specification listing for the SR1911 Competition Pistol can be found HERE. This pistol has its MSRP benchmarked at a hefty $2,499. If it can help a shooter get closer to the podium it could well be worth the investment.

    So with the announcement of a Ruger Custom Shop (which is exciting by itself) and two NEW firearms coming to market, the 10/22 Competition Rifle and the SR1911 Competition Pistol, what is going through your mind? Share with us all of your input in the Comments below! We always are interested in knowing what you think of new products.

    ruger custom shop

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