Blued Steel Magnum! NEW Ruger SP101 .357 MAG

    Blued Steel

    The Ruger SP101 has a long tenure of being a reliable service revolver. They also have chambered it in a pretty wide array of cartridges to give consumers a lot of choices for concealed carry. One element that has been lacking as a factory option though is a blued steel frame. This might be a pretty insignificant change for some people, but not everyone peels open their wallet for stainless sidearms. Sometimes a traditional blued look is the perfect aesthetic appearance for some people. Well, consider that niche filled because you can now purchase a Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum with a blued steel frame.

    This NEW offering of an SP101 in a blued steel frame, not surprisingly, shares many of the same features and technical specifications that prior models do. The short, but concise listing for this newest revolver model can be read below:

    • Grips: Cushioned Rubber w/ Engraved Wood Insert
    • Sights: Black Ramp Front w/ Integral Groove Rear
    • Barrel: 2.25″ w/ 1:16″ Right-Hand Twist
    • Material: Alloy Steel w/ Blued Finish
    • Capacity: 5-Shot Cylinder
    • Weight: 26 Ounces
    • MSRP: $719

    blued steel

    The price-point falls in line with many of the other SP101 models currently offered, and actually punches in below some of the more extravagantly finished Distributor Exclusive variations. Some other popular features and benefits that Ruger is touting with this NEW SP101 in a blued steel finish can be read below as well:

    • Cushioned Rubber Grip w/ Black Plastic or Hardwood Insert has no Exposed Metal in the Backstrap making it Extremely Comfortable
    • Takedown of Integrated Sub-Assemblies requires no Special Tools & Allows for Easy Maintenance & Assembly
    • Patented Transfer Bar Mechanism provides an Unparalleled Measure of Security Against Accidental Discharge
    • Patented Grip Frame easily Accommodates a Variety of Custom Grips
    • Triple-Locking Cylinder is Locked into the Frame at the Front, Rear & Bottom for more Positive Alignment & Dependable Operation Shot-after-Shot

    blued steel

    One of the biggest selling points for most of Ruger’s double-action revolvers is the ability to dis-assemble them without the need of special tools. So whether you are one of those shooters who love to deep dive into your firearm to clean it, or you are a tinkerer and upgrader, the SP101 is absolutely suited for easy maintenance.

    A final encompassing statement that Ruger provides in hopes that you add one of these to your growing firearm collection can be read below:

    The blued Ruger SP101 chambered in .357 Magnum is a five-round, small frame, blued double-action revolver with a 2.25″ barrel, integral rear sight and ramp front sight. Designed by popular request from our customers, this model is now manufactured from blued alloy steel and features a rubber grip checkered hardwood inserts.

    So between the new blued steel finish, specs and price-point… are you a buyer? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    blued steel

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