STRONG SILENT TYPE: The New RMS2 Hopaii Suppressor

    Joe Gaddini (inventor of the Omega silencer baffle and the former owner of SWR) and Kyle Grob (KGMade suppressors) have teamed up to form a new venture to produce the Hopaii – an extreme duty use silencer built mainly for the military and law enforcement markets. The two partners have joined forces under RMS2, a play on the old SWR company name, to design and build hard use silencers for customers who demand extreme reliability.

    The Hopaii, Choctaw Native American for ‘War Chief’, is a 5.56mm suppressor that is built for punishment. Besides the below torture tests, the Hopaii is scheduled to see a double SOCOM durability test this week, comprised of an intense firing schedule totalling 2880 rounds.

    Pricing and availability have not been set, but we will keep you posted on any news or information coming out of RMS2. Specifications can be found below.

    RMS2 Hopaii Features:

    Hybrid Inconel®/ High temperature Stainless construction for a truly Full Auto rated suppressor.  This  allows reliableoperation during sustained round count environments.

    Absolute minimum increase in gas operating system pressure yielding:

    • Increased weapon reliability
    • Reduced harmful gas vapor exposure to shooter
    • Reduced ejection port SPL
    • Ability to operate on a Factory DI(Direct Impingement) or Piston Gas system with little to no modifications or extra parts( IE. Adjustable gas block, Modified bolt)

    Minimum POI (Point of Impact) shift from Un-Suppressed to Suppressed shooting

    Pleasant low frequency tone

    Full auto rated for 5.56mm down to 10” barrel

    Select Fire Rated for any centerfire round under .255” bullet diameter down to a 16” barrel

    Quick Disconnect/Fast Attach mounting capable (Ships with ½-28 tpi direct thread adapter)

    • Silencerco®® ASR/ Omega
    • Dead Air® Keymo
    • Yankee Hill® ASR adapter


    • Exterior: 2000 deg. Cerakote® Ceramic coating
    • Interior: Molecular bond high temperature carbon adhesion resistant coating

    Built for Battle® is our slogan, and we take it very seriously.  We have this mindset on everything we design, build, and shoot.  Upon moving forward in designing a 5.56/.223 suppressor, it was made a point that we had to bring a product to market that supersedes past designs, as well as past and current market offerings.  While our roots are founded in SWR® history and the proven capabilities of the patented Omega Baffle design, manufacturing technology has advanced, and material science has improved, so should our products.

    The original Wolverine and Specwar 5.56 cans still hold their own today, the evolution of design must continue to move forward.  Using decades of field testing, hundreds of thousands of rounds of abuse, the latest material science we pushed forward with a truly out of the box engineering approach to the development cycle.  Born of this effort we present the Hopaii(Pronounced “Ho-pi”).  Deriving from the Native American/Choctaw Heritage of our company’s founders, Hopaii, meaning “War Chief” only seemed like a fitting title

    The Hopaii uses the latest design variant of the extremely efficient and battle proven Omega baffle.  This design produces a very reliable, accurate, and quiet suppressor, while not sacrificing anything in the durability department.


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    LE – Silencers – Science
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