Gunwerks Eyes Future Expansion with Aid from the State of Wyoming


    Wyoming has been doing a tremendous job in recent years by bringing more and more firearm companies to their state. Weatherby had announced at SHOT Show 2018 that they would be re-locating from California to the cowboy state. They have also been able to draw in Magpul and HiViz as well. Now, the state of Wyoming is working with Gunwerks to ensure their future expansion and secure that they remain in the state for a long time to come.

    This is a press release issued by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) on Friday, October 5th regarding the expansion in Wyoming:

    Gunwerks secured a $6 million grant/loan package from the Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board this week to build a new 43,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Cody, Wyoming. Michael Labazzo, Gunwerks’ Director of Business Development and General Counsel said the loan/grant package will allow Gunwerks to consolidate their core functions under one roof. This is the latest in Wyoming’s commitment to attracting and keeping firearms related businesses, including attracting Weatherby to relocate there last year, as well as Magpul and HiViz in previous years. Gunwerks is experiencing exponential growth, producing precision hunting rifles.


    Like many expansions and companies experiencing growth, this should bring tremendous upside for the folks at Gunwerks. It will house all of their services and products under one roof streamlining a lot of their processes. It will create more jobs for those in the community with some estimates at 75+ new jobs while more conservative ideas suggest 50 new positions. In either case, this will be great for the community of Cody and the state of Wyoming.

    For all of our readers out there, do you shoot any Gunwerks products? Do you live out in Wyoming? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below on this new expansion. We always appreciate feedback.


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