TFB LONG TERM REVIEW: Gatorz Eyewear Magnum Z87+

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    If there is one firearms safety aspect I am fanatical about (outside of the four golden rules) it has to be the use of proper eye protection. Watching Instagram or YouTube videos of hard-chargers banging steel with no eye coverage is a heading-shaking personal choice, I guess. But watching kids learning to shoot with no protection makes me cringe. Sure, for $5.99 you could pick up a set of functional glasses that will provide you with decent protection. However, a couple of range trips and drops in the parking lot and picking up that front sight through a sea of scratches will start to get frustrating. After nine months of hard use, both on the range and in every day life, I think I have found my favorite pair of sunglasses: The Gatorz Eyewear Magnum Z87+.

    TFB LONG TERM REVIEW: Gatorz Eyewear Magnum Z87+

    Unlike most “sport” style glasses the Magnum Z’s are made with a lightweight metal frame that fully surrounds the lenses. The hinges are strong and made with stainless steel. And the lenses are scratch resistant polycarbonate. The whole package is rated to the Z87.1 ANSI eyewear safety standard.

    My issues with previous sunglasses revolves around weak polymer joints, unsupported lenses, coatings that would easily scratch, flake or peel and rubber pieces that would eventually disintegrate with exposure to sun and perspiration. The Magnum Zs don’t suffer from any of these issues. They are built like a tank but aren’t overly bulky or heavy. And most importantly they provide top-shelf protection from impacts.

    For nine months I torture tested these glasses. I didn’t use a case, sleeve or bag to transport them when they weren’t on my face; I wanted to see just how scratch resistant the lenses were. I wanted to see if the frames would bend or distort when floating around in a backpack or range bag. I wanted to see if the hinges would pop. Besides the fear of actually losing them a few times, these Gatorz glasses really impressed me.

    The lenses did develop small scratches – rightly so considering they are scratch resistant and not scratch proof. But the scratches are nearly imperceptible and don’t effect my vision. The earpieces do get hot in intense heat, enough to give me a surprise or two after slipping them on in the desert. And while the frames themselves provide excellent wrapping eye coverage, they are on the larger side of the sport sunglasses spectrum.

    But the protection the Magnum Z glasses offer is confidence-inspiring and the crystal clear lenses provide great optical clarity. Much like comparing a $50 Walmart scope against a Nightforce – noticeable clarity differences.

    Gatorz Eyewear ANSI Z87+ MAGNUM – $200 MSRP

    The Magnum is our #1 selling sunglass, which features a large size, wrap style fit. The lightweight, durable aluminum frame is adjustable, providing the ultimate comfort and fit. The preferred style of many Military and Law Enforcement personnel, this frame offers a great look for athletes, skydivers, outdoor enthusiasts, and bikers as well. Our bestselling Magnum looks great on any face shape.

    • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
    • Hydrophobic Coating (Water repellant)
    • Oleophobic (Dirt/Grease repellant)
    • 100% UV Protection Precision Laser Cut
    • Anti-scratch Coating

    Gatorz Eyewear models are available in a number of different frame and lens colors. Polarized models are available for those who are concerned with glare or reflections. And for those who require prescription glasses, Gatorz can handle that too.

    Pricing may seem high, but when it comes to the combination of the level of protection and the frequency of use, the investment is a bargain. Considering that a serious eye injury could be a career-ending event for many of us, buying and using a quality set of range glasses should be a requirement.

    The Gatorz Magnum Z glasses perform extremely well as sunglasses and provide industrial level eye protection. Buy with confidence.

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