Ideal Conceal Update: Improvements & Critical Feedback Acknowledged


    Ideal Conceal began shipping and filling orders of their IC380 two-shot derringer pistol earlier this spring. As they have filled those orders they have been receiving and implementing critical feedback from consumers. Like any new endeavor, they have experienced some growing pains with their Ideal Conceal IC380, but they are slowly improving it.

    One of the areas in which customers stated they would like to see an improvement is in the ejector. Current ejectors were not happily ejecting all types of ammunition. While the Ideal Conceal IC380 functioned great with a plethora of ammunition brands on the market, some were causing troubles for shooters. To correct this issue, they made the track deeper for the ejector so it could get underneath the spent casings and properly kick them out.

    A second point of concern was the barrel block or barrel lock-up with the receiver. When folded in the barrel lock-up could potentially be a tiny bit loose. It was, in fact, designed this way from a manufacturing standpoint so they could more easily be assembled. Consider it a small tolerance in manufacturing. To tighten that up without requiring them to all be hand-fit (which is extremely time-consuming and detracts from overall production numbers) they installed a spring underneath the barrel block to correct the issue.


    Now with a spring installed on the base of the receiver adequate clearance can occur to open and close properly without necessitating hand filing. In conjunction, the barrel latch was re-designed slightly to ensure more crisp and strong lock-up when the barrel is folded down into a shooting position as well.

    If you are wondering why any company would afford its consumers such transparency like this Kirk Kjellberg, the CEO of Ideal Conceal, shared this concise statement in regards to the openness of the corrections they are making to the Ideal Conceal IC380 pistol:

    We’re going to keep doing this in the public like we have been. I know some companies hide everything like this and we just never saw the value in that and we appreciate you guys. You support us and you give us an uplift when your comments reflect that you like that.

    We reviewed the Ideal Conceal IC380 back in April when they had produced their very 1st pistol and shared our feedback, but what do you think? Have you had the opportunity to handle one? Do you own one? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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