TangoDown BG-AK Battlegrip: US PALM AK Grip Revived!

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    TangoDown has announced the addition of a new AK grip to their Battlegrip family of pistol grips. The new grip is called BG-AK. As the title of this article implies, this is exactly the same grip as the US PALM AK pistol grip. The latter became an accessory that is very hard to come by and its price skyrocketed after the US PALM closed its doors.

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    TangoDown is the company that originally designed this grip for the US PALM. Reportedly, after US PALM closed its doors, some or all of their molds became the property of Molded Devices Inc, the company that made the molds. Also, about a month ago, Century Arms announced about the acquisition of US PALM. So apparently, the relaunch of this grip is the result of the collaboration of TangoDown either with Molded Devices Inc (similar to what XTech Tactical did to launch their AK magazines) or with Century Arms. As far as I know, there is also an ongoing lawsuit between the Century Arms and XTech Tactical.

    Quite a complicated and confusing story, isn’t it? I’ve contacted TangoDown asking to tell whom they have partnered with. I’ll update this article as soon as they reply. Meanwhile, here is an excerpt from TangoDown’s website telling the story of designing this grip and the reason they reintroduced it.

    It’s back, and back to stay. A few years back, TangoDown® Inc was contracted to design and manufacture the next evolution AK grip for a twice-defunct start-up company in Arizona. It became one of the most popular aftermarket improvements to the AK rifle, ever.

    We always liked the product, and the shooting public did too, showering us with emails to bring it back to the commercial market. So, after joining forces with the company that now owns their AK product assets, the BG-AK grip is now available again. The same grip, by the original designers, from the original molds.

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    The TangoDown BG-AK Battlegrip is made of polymer. There is a storage compartment inside the grip which allows storing batteries, spare parts etc. The compartment is closed by the company’s patented water-resistant cap. According to TangoDown, this grip “fits all true AK-pattern rifles”. The sides of this grip feature a non-slip texture whereas the front and back straps are smooth. The overall height of the BG-AK grip is 4.23″ and it weighs 4 oz.

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    The new BG-AK Battlegrip AK grip is listed on the TangoDown website at an MSRP of $24.5. The grip comes with all the hardware necessary to install it on your rifle.

    Images from www.tangodown.com

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