BREAKING: ATF NFA EForm System Is Back Online

    Back online

    When we last left our dear readers, I was sharing my hopes and dreams when it comes to the National Firearms Act (NFA) and the process that is required to both transfer and make NFA regulated weapons. Aside from scrapping the law in its entirety, it seems that we all have just to hope for a swifter and easier process. Today, the ATF has announced that the EForms system for Form 1 “Making” applications is back online for both entities and individuals, a category not included in past iterations of the system. The announcement seen on the EForm home page also states that the ATF is working hard to restore Form 4 “Transfer” applications to the system.

    Currently, there is no way to submit electronic fingerprints into EForms; applicants must print out an email confirmation cover letter and mail in their prints through the USPS.

    One small step for short barrels, one giant leap for government bureaucracy. Kidding! We will take all the help we can get.

    TFB will keep you posted.

    BREAKING: ATF NFA EForm System Is Back Online

    Important Notices for eForms Users

    ATF is pleased to announce the return of ATF eForm 1, Application to Make and Register a Firearm, to the eForms system. This version allows filing by individual applicants, trusts and other legal entities (LLCs, corporations, etc.), and government agencies.

    Effective July 2016, the definition of Responsible Person (RP) in relation to trusts or other legal entities and a background check requirement on each RP was added to Title 27 CFR Part 479. As a result, each RP must complete and submit ATF Form 5320.23 (NFA RP Questionnaire) along with photos and fingerprints. The signed, completed NFARPQ form is to be scanned and attached to the application as is each RP’s photograph. (Note: the Form 5320.23 is not currently an eForm. It must be completed in hard copy or printed from a fillable version found in the ATF website ( and then scanned and submitted as an electronic attachment.)

    The eForms system cannot yet accept fingerprint cards, so if the application requires fingerprint cards, the fingerprint cards will be submitted in hard copy. The eForms system will generate an email notification to the submitter providing a cover letter which is to be returned with the fingerprints so they can be matched to the application.

    Thanks for the tip, Nate!

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