POTD: Browning A5 Kaboom

    Shotgun kabooms do not seem to be as common as rifle kabooms. We all know how often .300blk/5.56 kabooms happen and how easily they can happen. Well Vickie Lawrence posted this on her Facebook page. This shotgun had a catastrophic malfunction resulting in a Browning A5 Kaboom.

    Paul bought Bryson this Browning A5 gun for his birthday this year. Bryce has only had this gun for about two weeks. This morning he was shooting skeet after he finished dove hunting. As you can see, the bullet blew out the side of the gun! God was with my little guy this morning. If you know of anyone who has this gun, please pass this picture on to them. As you can imagine, we are all very shook up right now.

    According to Vickie’s post, Bryce had been out dove hunting with his newly acquired Browning A5. While he was shooting skeet the gun exploded. She says “the bullet blew out the side” well we know that is not exactly accurate.

    What we do not know is what ammo he was using. Since he was dove hunting and immediately went to shoot skeet he was most likely using bird shot. Again we do not know what ammo he used. More than likely experienced a squib but thought it was a fail to fire. If the shotgun shell did not have any powder and only a primer, it would have felt like a failure to fire.

    If that was the case, he should have checked the round when he ejected it. But it seems he might not have done that but rather just racked the round out to get another round in the chamber and pulled the trigger.

    Somehow he had an obstruction in the barrel which resulted in this Browning A5 kaboom. If it is safe to do so, always stop shooting if something odd happens. Take time to clear the weapon and check for any issues. If Bryce had done this he could have avoided blowing up his gun. Assuming that is what happened of course.