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Nicholas C
by Nicholas C
Photo From Laugo Arms

You may have heard of Laugo Arms. They are the ones who designed the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 and sold it to Česká zbrojovka aka CZ. They have been teasing photos of the Laugo Arms Alien pistol. It has such a different approach and they are clearly going after the competition market with this offering.

Photo by Laugo Arms

From the side, the pistols just looks like any ordinary handgun with some wild looking slide cuts. But once you look at it from the front you immediately notice something different. The barrel is firmly seated in the frame and not the slide. Does this remind you of anything?

The Chiappa Rhino and Mateba Seis Unica (Unica 6) have barrels located in the frame of the handgun.

This results in a reduction of muzzle climb. It is simple physics. The higher the bore the more muzzle climb. According to Recoil Magazine: ” Laugo touts the Alien as having the lowest bore axis of any pistol in the world.” However, there is another pistol that has a lower bore axis. The TDI Vector prototype and the KRISS Vector pistol both have lower bore axes. In fact, the TDI prototype bore axis is far below the trigger. Whereas the Vector has the bore axis in line with the trigger.

But the Laugo Arms Alien is not just a semi-auto handgun with a low bore axis. It features a quick change top rail. Allowing shooters to switch from iron sights to an optic setup within seconds.

Did you notice how the sights are fixed? They do not reciprocate with the slide. This is something you typically see in competition handguns in the Limited Division. And you usually see it as a sight tracker on 2011 handguns. By having the front sight mounted to the barrel, you achieve weight reduction in the slide which aids in reducing recoil and muzzle climb. And if you are a competent shooter, your front sight should not move and you have faster follow up shots. Most running and gunning competitions like 3Gun and USPSA require two rounds on paper targets.

According to Gordon’s Reloading Channel, the gas system is a gas-delayed blowback similar to an H&K P7. The video below is his hypothesis on how the Alien works.

No word yet on price but Laugo Arms is looking to bring these into the US. However, it is unknown who will manufacture the Laugo Arms Alien and who will be importing and distributing it. Given their relationship with CZ, maybe they will make it?

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Colonel K Colonel K on Oct 07, 2018

    How does the Laugo deal with the overheating problem encountered with the HK P7? The perceived or "felt" recoil may seem less to the shooter, but unless the laws of physics have been repealed, this pistol will recoil the same as any other similarly weighted firearm. That's not a ding. The comfort derived from shooting any handgun or long gun is an important consideration, especially for novices and defensive shooters. As a competition firearm, it may have a future, but to paraphrase Colonel Townsend Whelen, only practical pistols are interesting. Affordable home defense, field carry, and lightweight concealable models would be of far greater interest to the mass market (and to me). Perhaps that is in the near future.

  • Cymond Cymond on Oct 09, 2018

    Polenar Tactical has an interesting video about it.
    Hopefully this link works