Hudson H9 Factory 17-Round Magazines Now Shipping

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    Ever since the official release of the H9 Pistol in 2017, Hudson Manufacturing has been constantly upgrading it and introducing new accessories for this handgun. During this time we’ve seen a new muzzle device, suppressor ready sights, threaded barrels, a slide with a milled red dot sight cut, an aluminum framed version and probably several other upgrades of this firearm. A couple of days ago, Hudson Manufacturing announced that the latest new product for this pistol, the 17-round magazines, are now available for purchase.

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    Before the introduction of the 17-round magazines, the H9 pistol came only with 15-round ones. Whether it was developed based on the customer requests or the company was planning to release the 17-rounder as another step of improving the platform, it is a great addition to the line of accessories of this handgun. According to the information available on the company’s website, these magazines represent the same 15-round standard magazines with an addition of a 2-round magazine extension made of an impact resistant polymer. There is no information whether the same spring is used or they use a longer magazine spring or if the extension contains a spring section. I think it would be great if they offered these magazines extensions as a separate product too thus allowing the owners of the H9 pistol to retrofit their magazines converting them into 17-rounders.

    As it is stated on the company’s website: “These 17-Round magazines are robust and made for competition use or on the belt as you back up magazine“. Probably if you open carry the gun, use it as a truck or bedside gun or in general use it in any way other than concealed carry, then it won’t hurt to have a 17-rounder mag inserted into the gun, too.

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    Hudson Manufacturing 17-round magazines for the H9 pistol are listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $39.99. The price also includes the shipping cost.

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