Totally Covered: NEW Speer TMJ Reloading Bullets


    Speer is now offering two new selections of their Total Metal Jacket reloading bullets to consumers to grow their current line of available projectiles. The Total Metal Jacket line available to handloaders is currently pretty sparse with a total of only 3 offerings: two .30 caliber and one .22 caliber bullet to pick from. While the Total-Metal Jacket line of bullets is not built out into 100+ offerings it still serves a purpose for reloaders and provides a lot of valuable properties. According to Speer, some highlights of the TMJ line can be read below:

    • Seamless jacket totally encases the bullet’s lead core
    • Design eliminates the accuracy-robbing features of conventional full metal jacket bullets
    • Reduces fouling and airborne lead

    While dozens of companies are offering Full-Metal Jacket projectiles Speer is one of a minority of companies that provide consumers with a bullet that is fully encapsulated with a seamless jacket. The two newest offerings from Speer can be read below with their associated price-points.

    • .224 Cal 55 Grain TMJ | 100 Count | 22455TMJ | MSRP $16.95
    • .308 Cal 150 Grain TMJ | 50 Count | 308150TMJ | MSRP $21.95


    Finally, if you are a reloader and are not convinced that this is the right bullet for you, Speer released this Press Release statement regarding the introduction of their new bullets:

    Speer Bullets offers new calibers of Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) rifle bullets for reloaders. Standard FMJ bullets sacrifice accuracy by adding a separate piece of jacket to cover the bullet base—or leave exposed lead. Speer TMJ bullets, however, totally encapsulate the lead core for cleaner, more accurate performance. Handloaders now have two new TMJ rifle bullet options to choose from—a 55-grain 224 cal. and a 150-grain 308 cal. Shipments of these new reloading components are being delivered to dealers now.

    For all of the reloaders out there, do you currently use any Speer bullets for reloading? Have you already tried their Total Metal Jacket bullet yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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