BREAKING: New Crimson Trace Logo, Slogan, Red Dots & Riflescopes

    crimson trace

    Crimson Trace, which is a subsidiary of American Outdoor Brands Corporation, has taken a huge leap with their company. Not only have they unveiled new branding with a more modern and attractively-styled logo, but they also have LOTS of new products for all of us. This includes 5 new electronic sights spanning platforms from rifles to shotguns to handguns. They also have 11 new riflescopes coming our way that are spread across three tiers of quality and design.

    crimson trace: electronic sights

    Crimson Trace cannons balls into the pool of electronic sight makers with their introduction of 5 new options with surely more to come. The pricing starts at an affordable $249 and goes up from there. At the time of this writing, they are actively adding these new products to their website and they are listing these so far:

    • CTS-1000 Compact Tactical Red Dot Sight for Rifles (2 MOA) – MSRP $329
    • CTS-1100 Illuminated 3.5x Battlesight – MSRP $599
    • CTS-1200 Compact Open Reflex Sight for Pistols – MSRP $399
    • CTS-1300 Compact Open Reflex Sight for Rifles & Shotguns – MSRP $249
    • CTS-1400 Open Reflex Sight for Rifles & Shotguns – MSRP $469

    crimson trace

    All of these electronic sights come with Crimson Trace‘s 3-Year Warranty and Free Batteries for Life. These products will become available between November 15th through December 15th this year and are individually labeled as such on their website. They had these words to share specifically on their electronic sights as well:

    Crimson Trace® is proud to present our collection of high-powered, high-utility electronic (red dot) sights. In our Electronic Sight series, we offer a complete line of open and closed reflex sights for the tactical shooter. Purpose built with maximum features and versatility, Crimson Trace has you covered. Whether you’re looking for a high speed red dot sight for your AR-Type carbine, a quick targeting system for a sporting or tactical shotgun, or for that speed sighting system for your pistol, you’ll find a Crimson Trace Electronic Sight that will exceed your expectations.

    crimson trace

    crimson trace: 2-SERIES™ riflescopes

    The 2-Series™ of riflescopes is their starting point for optics with subdivisions of “Sport” and “Tactical.” All of these scopes are expected to be available sometime around January 15th – February 15th of next year. They will all carry Crimson Trace’s Limited Protection Guaranteed Warranty and Free Batteries for Life. These models can all be found on their website currently for further details with associated price-points below:

    • CSA-2309 Sport 3-9x40mm MOA/MOA FFP – MSRP $499
    • CTA-2104 Tactical 1-4x24mm MOA/MOA FFP – MSRP $549
    • CSA-2416 Sport 4-16x50mm MOA/MOA FFP – MSRP $749
    • CSA-2624 Sport 6-24x56mm MOA/MOA FFP – MSRP $849

    crimson trace

    crimson trace: 3-SERIES™ riflescopes

    The 3-Series™ of riflescopes is their mid-tier line of optics and you immediately see a switch from MOA reticles to MRAD (milliradians). These optics are expected out the same time as the 2-Series™ and carry all of the same warranties and subdivision names of Sport and Tactical.

    • CTL-3105 Tactical 1-5x24mm MIL/MIL FFP – MSRP $999
    • CSA-3108 Sport 1-8x28mm MIL/MIL FFP – MSRP $999
    • CTL-3420 Tactical 4-24x50mm MIL/MIL FFP – MSRP $1,099
    • CTL-3525 Tactical 5-25x56mm MIL/MIL FFP – MSRP $1,199

    crimson trace

    crimson trace: 5-SERIES™ riflescopes

    While the 2-Series™ and 3-Series™ of riflescopes appear to be of good quality according to the specifications listed on Crimson Trace‘s website, the 5-Series™ kicks it up a notch even further (and the price follows accordingly). Once again, you receive their Limited Protection Guaranteed Warranty and Free Batteries for Life.

    • CTL-5108 Tactical 1-8x28mm MIL/MIL FFP – MSRP $1,499
    • CTL-5318 Tactical 3-18x50mm MIL/MIL FFP – MSRP $1,799
    • CTL-5324 Tactical 3-24x56mm MIL/MIL FFP – MSRP $1,999

    crimson trace

    crimson trace: Complete focus

    With the ushering in of all of these new products and a new logo, Crimson Trace has a new slogan as well: Complete Focus. While most everyone in the firearm industry was well aware they were capable of making products like this it still is a surprise to many since they are jumping in with 16 new products all at once. To signify this change in their portfolio they released the following video:

    So what do you ladies and gentlemen think? Is the optics market too saturated already for another player? Or does this stuff look like some real winners? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    crimson trace

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