M2 Browning Seized By Police in Brazil

    guns seized in brazil

    We’ve got another guns seized in Brazil post, but this ones a real doozy! Police in Barra da Tijuca, a neighborhood in the west side of Rio de Janerio, Brazil recently found and seized an M2 Browning machine gun chambered in .50 BMG.

    We’ve posted about gun finds in the favelas of Brazil before, there was this stash of run of the mill Glocks, ARs, SMGs and homemade guns. There was also this airsoft rifle that was converted into a real gun, and even the illegal SMG factory in São Paulo. Remember the bank robbery with the Thompson submachine gun?

    guns seized in brazil

    According to Globo, the M2 Browning they found is the largest weapon ever seized by police in the State of Rio. Traffickers where attempting to sell it for 200 thousand Brazilian Real, or around $50,000. A good chunk of change. Two men who were guarding the M2 Browning were arrested at the scene, however two cars who were escorting the sellers as well as the buyer of the gun got away. According to the article the gun may be given to the Brazilian military to be used with their forces.

    What makes this find interesting is not just the fact that an M2 Browning was found by cops, but that it appears to be an AN/M2 variant. AN stands for “Army/Navy”, it was a variant used in fighter aircraft and bombers during WWII.

    It has a cyclic rate of 600 to 800 rounds per minute and has a much lighter 36-inch barrel. The M2HB (heavy barrel) used today has a longer barrel with a rate of fire of 450 to 600 rounds per minute and weights in at 83.78 pounds. The AN/M2 weights in at just 61 pounds total.

    guns seized in brazil

    Along with the M2 Browning a whopping seven rounds of .50 BMG where also seized. Buy an M2 get seven rounds free?

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