Polenar Tactical Take a Tour of CZ’s Factory

    CZ Factory Tour

    CZ pistol cleaning and assembly line (Polenar Tactical)

    Polenar Tactical have posted a rather artistic tour video taking a look inside CZ’s factory. The slowed down footage shows production of guns from much of CZ’s current military and civilian lines.

    A couple of weeks ago the Polenar team made the trek from Slovenia to tour CZ’s main factory in the town of Uhersky Brod, in the east of the Czech Republic. The video shows everything from the factory’s forges and machine shop to the production line and the test range.

    The video begins by showing CZ’s wood store and the rough shaping of rifle stocks before some shots of CNCs and other machinery including the forges and presses. Much of the finishing process for some of CZ’s pistols is shown including the frames of the CZ Shadow. These are later seen being assembled and hand fitted. We also see racks of finished polymer frames, for either the P-09 or P-10C.

    Various stages of Bren 2 rifle production is also shown with barrel assemblies and receiver parts being assembled. Later in the video we can see the testing of the various Bren 2s in both repetition machines and in the factory’s range. We also see a CZ rimfire rifle, possibly a 455 American, being tested at the range. The video concludes with the cleaning and assembly of some pistols and shots of racks full of completed Bren 2 rifles.

    Check out the video here:

    Polenar Tactical, along with other journalists and youtubers also hit the range with CZ with Polenar posting some photos from the range day on their facebook page:

    We also get a look at the 7.62x51mm Bren too:

    CZ also posted some photos and teaser footage from the range trip, featuring three 5.56x45mm Bren 2s:

    Tim from the Military Arms Channel was also at CZ’s press day so hopefully we’ll see more from the factory tour and the range day soon.


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