SILENCERCO SWITCHBACK: The Quietest Rimfire Suppressor?


    SilencerCo is throwing down one heck of a strong statement: their new Switchback rimfire suppressor is the quietest can to ever hit the market. At a reported 108 decibels, I agree, the Switchback has the potential to make bolt action rifles awe-inspiringly quiet. So how did SilencerCo design and build such a master rimfire silencer? Rocket Science.

    Seriously, the modular Switchback can be configured into three different lengths, but with four different baffle combinations. In its quietest form, the last five baffles are reversed creating a series of cones found in rocket propulsion. The other long form, a medium form and a small form Switchback combinations can be used on pistols or rifles.

    Is the Switchback the quietest factory rimfire silencer to ever be introduced? As I have said many times before, suppressed rimfire is life. And living means shooting as many of them as possible. Maybe we’ll get the Switchback in to Silencer Saturday for some decibel meter testing. Stay tuned.

    SILENCERCo SWITCHBACK: The Quietest Rimfire Suppressor?



    The Switchback 22 is the most versatile rimfire silencer ever developed. Not only does its modular construction allow the end user to choose from three lengths, but its long configuration can be optimized for either a pistol or rifle host.

    Inspired by technology used in rocket diffusers, the modular baffles of the Switchback 22 are highly configurable. Arrange your Switchback 22 in the short pistol silencer configuration, or flip the baffles in the long configuration for industry-leading rimfire rifle sound suppression.

    The Switchback 22 delivers the quality and versatility you have come to expect from SilencerCo’s premium rimfire silencers including compatibility with a variety of cartridges, durability, user serviceability, and our industry leading lifetime warranty and customer service.

    Due to the notoriously harsh nature of rimfire ammunition, this product features CTATM (Click Together Assembly) baffles to ensure the suppressor remains easy to clean — even after long days at the range.

    The Switchback 22 mounts on conventional 1/2 X 28 (Class 3A) threads .400 ̋ in length

    SilencerCo Releases Quietest .22 Suppressor to Hit the Market

    WEST VALLEY CITY, UT – September 25, 2018​ – ​SilencerCo has unveiled a new .22 suppressor that is aimed to silence the rimfire market and to commemorate the company’s 10-year anniversary.

    The Switchback 22 allows users to choose between three lengths, with the long configuration optimized for either a pistol or rifle host. As the most versatile rimfire silencer ever developed, the Switchback 22 is the first to use rocket propulsion principles. This approach to engineering results in non-intuitive baffle reversal and reduces the sound report on a .22LR rifle to an unheard-of 108 dB (with subsonic ammunition).
    SilencerCo is not new to creating modular products—they blazed the market on modularity with the Salvo 12 in 2014.

    Two years later the Osprey Micro 22 continued the legacy of modularity. SilencerCo then successfully launched the first and only integrally suppressed 9mm pistol on the market, the Maxim 9, which supports modularity with its short and long configurations.

    “​Gas flow can be sped up or slowed down by tapering a bore wider or tighter,” said Jake Turnblom, SilencerCo engineer. “Cones act as a nozzle (to speed up) or a diffuser (to slow down) gases in propulsion.The effect a cone has completely flips when transitioning to or from supersonic or subsonic velocities. Using cones (by flipping them) as supersonic diffusers is what led to the discovery of improved suppression on rifles.”

    Finished in raw titanium with black nitride end caps and coupler, the Switchback 22 has a MSRP of $499 and can be configured into three sizes. On a rifle, the suppressor is hearing-safe in the shortest configuration of 2.5 inches with a weight of only 3.2 oz. The medium configuration is 3.59 inches and 4.3 oz, while the long is 5.75 inches and 6.5 oz.

    SilencerCo dealers will have the chance to purchase the Switchback 22 from distributors starting today. If a customer is interested in getting their hands on one, they should reach out to their local FFL/SOT.


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