NEW Rifle Dynamics Tunable AK Gas Block

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    Rifle Dynamics has designed a new tunable AK gas block. Currently, it is available only as an upgrade option for the company’s production model rifles, however, according to the company officials, they may offer it as a separate part in the foreseeable future. Let’s first watch the Rifle Dynamics video where Jim Fuller introduces this product, then take a closer look at its key features.

    You are probably asking why is it called tunable instead of adjustable? The answer is in the way the adjustment mechanism is supposed to be used. The adjustments are done via a set screw that allows having from an all the way open to a completely shut off gas port with an infinite amount of intermediate settings between these extremes. This system is designed to allow you to fine tune the gas system primarily for use with suppressors. Once you find the perfect position of the set screw, you’ll just leave it at that position. It is not designed to be adjusted back and forth in the field although technically it is possible. So the intended purpose is what makes the company call it tunable rather than adjustable.

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    The set screw is retained in the adjusted position thanks to its design which excludes the need of applying a thread locking compound to keep it from coming loose. The set screw is made of a grade 8 steel and features nylon elements on the threads. According to the company, it proved to perfectly retain its position even after extensive use. They tested it by firing thousands of rounds through an AK machine gun and didn’t observe any changes in the set screw position.

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    As mentioned in the video, you can choose this gas block as an upgrade when purchasing your Rifle Dynamics AK. If you opt for this gas block, you’ll need to add $75 to the price of the rifle. For more information concerning the models of Rifle Dynamics AKs that come with the tunable gas block option, visit the company’s website. You can also see these new gas blocks and try their performance at 2018 Red Oktober Kalashnikov Championship.

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