NEW Hiperfire HIPERSWITCH 60-Degree Ambidextrous Safety Selector

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    Hipefire has released a new ambidextrous AR-15 safety selector called HIPERSWITCH (High Performance Switch). The key feature of this safety selector is that it has a 60-degree throw (as opposed to conventional 90-degree) which is designed to allow faster selection between the safe and fire modes. Let’s watch the introduction video then go through the specs of this new product.

    As mentioned in the video, the HIPERSWITCH safety selector is not only compatible with all Hiperfire triggers but also with any standard AR-15 trigger assembly. According to Hiperfire, the 60-degree throw is much safer compared to the 45-degree selectors which “can be rotated into FIRE by the trigger when on SAFE“. The company also claims that the geometry of the levers is designed for tactile access and makes the selection of either position feel shorter than 60 degrees.

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    The shaft of this ambidextrous selector is machined out of solid 8620 steel bar. It is also case hardened to increase the surface durability of the part. The selector levers are molded from a polymer material. The selectors are available in red or black color options. The installation is a simple process and won’t require advanced skills or a need to use any special tools.

    Hiperfire HIPERSWITCH 60-degree ambi safety (1)

    The HIPERSWITCH safety selector is available on the manufacturer’s website at an MSRP of $50 (regardless of the lever color choice). Besides the selector itself, the package also includes two lever set screws, one safety detent, one safety detent spring and an Allen key.

    I assume the modular design of this accessory will allow the company to later introduce replacement levers of different shapes, materials and colors. Particularly, I think a shorter left side lever would be a good option for those who may not like the full-size selector interfering with the trigger finger. Maybe aluminum selectors could be a demanded option, too.

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