AUSTRIAN TWIST UPDATE: Topside Takedown 10/22

    Topside Takedown

    When we last left or friend Sebastian he was hard at work improving his topside takedown 10/22 receiver that allows for a quick and efficient disassembly of the most classic of rimfire rifles. Since then, he has worked countless hours and invested a great deal of resources to achieve a now patent pending design that sits ready for mass production. I continue to be impressed with Sebastian‘s project: his vision, design skills and final product are to be applauded.

    Please support his efforts by adding helpful commentary and sharing his design across social media. I’ll let  Sebastian tell you about the updates and his progress.

    AUSTRIAN TWIST UPDATE: Topside Takedown 10/22

    It was overwhelming for me to see the huge interest in my idea and also to have the feedback to do better designs. The first design – – was very similar to the  original receiver to keep it interesting for Ruger, which lead to some technical compromises. Because of the comments I have realized that I have to build a superior version regardless of the original design. I have tried to add every requested feature and design a receiver for the needs of the enthusiasts, where the form is only determined by the function.

    The new receiver offers the following features:
    • Removable top part for easy fieldstrip within seconds, that also helps to absorb the impact of the bolt (patent pending)
    • Improved adjustable and interchangeable locking system with steel pins/bolts (patent pending)
    • Made out of 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminium with increased wall thickness
    • 4 inch touch surface between the barrel and the receiver for superior rigidity and accuracy
    • Milspec Picatinny Rail that is part of the lower receiver for a rigid connection between barrel, receiver and the optic.
    • Improved unique barrel lock system for perfect repeatability
    • Cleaning rod hole
    • Additional locking point at the rear end for a more rigid connection with the stock
    The Specs of the complete rifle are:
    • Caliber: .22 long rifle
    • Weight: 4,35 lb
    • Overall Length: 30,70″
    • Barrel: 11,5″ Anschütz Barrel with M14x1 thread
    • Stock Material: Wood
    • Bolt Material: 4140 Tool Steel
    • Receiver Material: 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminium 
    I have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of euros to design and build these two receivers and file the patent application, but I have a completley different job,  therefor I really appreciate every comment/share/like and your support. I am working relentlessly at this project in my free time and it is my goal to bring one of these receivers to the market in cooperation with an experienced manufacturer.
    On Instagram you can see the manufacturing process of the receiver and on Youtube I will show more detailed videos of the rifle and my future projects.


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