Australian Government Approves the LAND 125 Phase 4 Integrated Soldier Systems Project

    Land 125

    According to ADBR (Australian Defence Business Review), Australian Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne has approved the LAND 125 Phase 4 Integrated Soldier Systems project. LAND 125 is a multi-phase program dedicated to equipping the Australian Defence Force (ADF) soldiers with advanced gear and equipment that meet the modern combat requirements and provide advanced features such as decreased detectability, enhanced protection and other improvements that increase the survivability and efficiency of the personnel in the modern battlefield.

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    The total cost of the project is one billion dollars. Here is how Christopher Pyne described the distribution and spending of the funds:

    We’re taking a flexible approach here. Investing up to $240 million between now and 2023, with the flexibility to update and change things as technology develops into the future.

    This investment under LAND 125 Phase 4 will ensure our soldiers have the mobility and protection to deploy quickly and achieve their mission as an integral component of the ADF.

    Delivery of the subsequent tranches will be subject to a range of variables centred on incorporating emerging technologies, some yet to be fully developed, to ensure our soldiers continue to have the best capabilities available.

    Reportedly, the first supplies of LAND 125 Phase 4 will consist of gear dedicated to supplementing the equipment that is currently in use. The range of new items that will be supplied to the ADF is quite wide including gear such as body armor, helmets, eye and hearing protection, load carriage equipment, water purifiers, sleeping bags, cooking gear etc. Following subphases will deliver more advanced equipment such as mobile translators, portable UAVs, exoskeletons and unmanned vehicles designed to carry munitions and gear.

    The Request for Tender for field equipment suppliers will be published on the Aus Tender website.

    Australian Government Approves the LAND 125 Phase 4 Integrated Soldier Systems Project (1)

    TFB will be following the development of this project and reporting to our readers about the most significant gear and equipment adopted as part of the LAND 125 Phase 4 project.


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