Russian National Guard Orders New AK-200 Series Rifles

    AK 204

    Kalashnikov's AK-204 Carbine (Kalashnikov Concern)

    Russia’s National Guard, the Rosgvardia, has placed orders with Kalashnikov Concern for several hundred of the company’s new AK-200 rifles and AK-205 carbines. The AK-200 and AK-205 are 5.45x39mm variants of the new improved AK-200 series of rifles.

    The 340,000-strong Rosgvardia is currently equipped predominantly with AK-74 and AK-74M rifles. As such the bulk of the National Guard’s future orders are likely to be for the 5.45x39mm AK-200 and AK-205 variants. Russian news outlet RIA Novosti, however, has reported that Kalashnikov will also deliver a batch of 7.62x39mm AK-204 carbines. The AK-204 is a shortened carbine version of the 7.62x39mm AK-203.

    The AK-200 series was first exhibited to the public at the ARMY 2018 exposition in Moscow in August. RIA Novosti has reported that the Rosgvardia’s command has ordered the first batch of more than 500 AK-200’s. According to RIA Novosti’s source, the Rosgvardia intend to sign a contract with Kalashnikov Concern before the end of 2018 for 476 AK-200s and 60 AK-205s in 5.45x39mm. RIA reports that the contract is worth in the region of 31 million rubles or $455,000.

    The new rifles build on the AK-100 series but offer a number of improvements. The AK-204 weighs 3.6 kg or 7.94 lbs and has a folding, collapsible AR-style stock. The carbine’s overall length with its stock deployed to its maximum is 85cm or 33 inches, with the butt collapsed it measures 79cm or 31 inches and with the stock folded it measures 60cm or 23.6 inches. The rifle’s barrel is 31.4cm or 12.4 inches long. It has a hinged dust cover which is said to help retain zero on rear mounted optics.
    The AK-200 series has an almost full-length top rail, however, unlike the AK-12 and AK-15 they retain the classic forward mounted rear sight (graduated out to 500m) which interrupts the top rail. The rifle has a railed forend and a more ergonomic pistol grip. The safety selector has also been altered, with an enhanced safety similar to that developed by Krebs Custom.

    Kalashnikov Concern has put together a video looking at the AK-204 here.

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