Rise Armament Deploys NEW Law Enforcement Division with RISE LE

    Rise LE

    Rise Armament is known across the firearm industry for their tremendously high quality AR-15 rifles and components. In addition to that, this year they have gone out to specifically help our veterans and law enforcement through multiple endeavors. Rise Armament in conjunction with Folds of Honor released a Patriot Trigger back over Memorial weekend this year. A portion of every sale of that trigger would go to Folds of Honor who provides scholarships to the children and spouses of disabled and deceased veterans.

    In another collaborative effort with Folds of Honor, they made a Legacy Rifle a month ago to pay tribute to and help our veterans again. The Limited Edition Legacy Rifle featured an American flag cerakote that was emblazoned on the metal surfaces of the firearm. This effort once again gave a portion of every sale to Folds of Honor to help further their charitable efforts.

    The most recent initiative taken on by Rise Armament was the creation of the 300LE rifle chambered in .223 Wylde that was announced at TriggrCon 2018 in August. This was a purpose-driven rifle built out to the specifications and demands of our men and women in blue. Their desire was to build a rifle that could be immediately deployed by law enforcement and at an affordable price-point for departments to consider.

    Today Rise Armament announced with a Press Release their newest step towards better serving law enforcement with the creation of RISE LE.

    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma — September 18, 2018 — RISE Armament, a premier manufacturer and supplier of AR firearms and components, is pleased to unveil RISE LE — the company’s new law enforcement (LE) division.

    RISE LE’s focus is on engineering and manufacturing highly accurate and reliable law enforcement firearms and components. Its products include RISE’s LE145 Tactical Trigger — a responsive and dependable single-stage drop-in trigger for AR-style rifles. Through its LE division, RISE Armament will also offer rifles designed specifically for law enforcement use.

    Motivated by the July 7, 2016, police ambush in Dallas, Texas, RISE Armament set out to ensure that no police officer is ever outgunned by a criminal. The RISE team made it their mission to develop LE products that excel in functionality, accuracy, dependability, and affordability.

    ‘RISE is extremely proud to launch a division that specifically focuses on products that help law enforcement officers in the line of duty. Officers are out there fighting to protect our communities, and all too often, their equipment is less than what they need. They need the best, and they deserve the best, so we’re on a mission to make that happen,’ said Matt Torres, President of RISE Armament. ‘We put a lot of thought and ingenuity into the engineering of all our products, and we want that to go toward improving our community and our country as a whole. We have a new rifle coming out that will certainly be the headliner for the LE division, but RISE will produce multiple products that benefit our police officers.’

    RISE Armament is designing its LE products based on research and feedback from law enforcement officers throughout the United States. In addition to providing the functionality, performance, and reliability officers need, the company has developed proprietary manufacturing efficiencies to ensure the products are affordable within law enforcement budgets.

    With the introduction of RISE LE they are setting aside resources, engineering, staffing and are driving future technology directly towards assisting law enforcement in the obstacles they confront on a daily basis. RISE LE was announced for the 1st time today and it will be great to see where Rise Armament takes this into SHOT Show 2019 and beyond.

    Rise LE

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