POTD: Cerakoated Uronen Precision AR15s

    Customization is growing in popularity. Customers don’t settle with just another black rifle, so when we order a new one it might be a special Ceracote instead of a black rifle off the shelf.

    This trend goes even in a small country like Finland (population 5,5 million), where probably a fraction of firearms are sold compared to a small town in the US.

    From top to bottom you can see the following selection from Uronen Precision.

    Urban Police Grey with black barrel
    OD Green (Magpul) with black barrel
    Flat Dark Earth with FDE barrel
    Hard anodized with a stainless barrel

    Two of the rifles have Kahles K16i and the bottom one is using a Swarovski Z8i 1-8x with C-More RTS2 secondary sight.

    I think the compensators in the middle are Saimaa Still QD (Gen 1 and Gen 2). What are the top and bottom ones?

    Top and bottom compensators are Uronen Precision IPSC SAS Gen 2.

    In case you missed it last time, check out their own caliber .300 Uronen Precision and their trigger group.

    Which Ceracote is your choice? It’s a tricky one. As soon as I chose I change my mind. Do you have the same problem?