Russian-Made Techcrim 1911 Pistols

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    About a year ago we published an article telling about less-lethal SIG P226 clones made by a Russian company called Techcrim. Apparently, the company is planning to expand their line of handguns. Kalashnikov Gun Magazine has published an article telling about the three new 1911-pattern pistols that Techcrim is going to release to the Russian market.


    The first version of the 1911 pistol made by Techcrim is called TK1911. This pistol is chambered 9x19mm and it is fed by single stack 9-round magazines. I think the reason they don’t chamber it in .45 ACP should be the wider availability and affordability of 9mm ammunition on the Russian market.

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    Investment casting wax patterns of new Techcrim 1911 pistol parts

    Unlike the SIG P226 clone which they assemble mainly from imported parts, the new 1911 pistols are completely made in-house: from casting the main parts to applying various finishes.


    This one is a blank firing only pistol. Blank firing replicas of firearms are very popular in Russia because they can be obtained without any licensing whatsoever.

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    This pistol is designed to shoot the 10x31mm blank cartridge. It is fed from 8-round magazines. There are several changes incorporated into the main parts design that prevent the possibility of converting this blank firing pistol into a real firearm.


    Lastly, the TK1911T model is the less-lethal versions of these pistols. It is chambered in .45 Rubber or .44TK. Both of these cartridges are designed to fire less-lethal rubber projectiles. The .44TK is a newly developed cartridge designed to be used in the TK1911T pistol.

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    The main reason for creating this new cartridge was to make the ammunition affordable. That’s why the .44TK is based on the 7.62x39mm case which was cut down to fit the 1911 magazine. The .44TK cartridge has a tapered case body and rounded case mouth portion to aid the feeding and reliable work of the action. The .44TK cartridges are loaded with spherical rubber projectiles of 11.5mm (about .45) diameter.

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    Left to right: .45 Rubber; .45 ACP; .44TK

    The TK1911T is a simple blowback operated pistol. Interestingly, in order to increase the accuracy, the barrel has a built-in bore constriction at the muzzle portion – probably similar to fixed shotgun chokes.


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