McMillan SENTRY Modular Bolt-Action Rifle Stock

    McMillan SENTRY Modular Bolt-Action Rifle Stock (1)

    McMillan Fiberglass Stocks have recently added to their website the new Sentry modular bolt action rifle stock. This stock is compatible with AR-15 receiver extensions, stocks and pistol grips. The huge variety of mentioned AR-15 parts available on the market along with the number of accessories offered for this stock by the manufacturer provide virtually endless amount of possible parts combinations that the end user can choose from to build his perfect rifle.

    McMillan SENTRY Modular Bolt-Action Rifle Stock (2)

    The Sentry stock is designed for Remington 700 footprint actions. The basic version of the stock is painted with one of the following options specified by McMillan: Solid, Transition Camo, Speckletone. It is also possible to order molded-in patterns listed on the company’s website as Marble, Spectre, Ambush or Camo. They also offer multiple rail, stock, cheek rest and sling mounting hardware options.

    The forearm of the Sentry stock has a squared geometry designed to aid the retention of the weapon when shooting with the rifle mounted in a tripod. Judging by the distance of the pistol grip from the trigger guard (see the above-embedded image), I assume that the grip position can be adjusted. You can directly install an AR-15 receiver extension and the AR stock of your choice and have a fixed stock rifle or you can install a folding AR-15 buffer tube adapter first and have a bolt action rifle with a folding stock.

    McMillan SENTRY Modular Bolt-Action Rifle Stock (3)

    The Sentry stock without the buttstock and the grip.

    The company offers this stock with three inletting options. The Basic Inlet comes with inletted action outline and barrel channel. The Full Inlet adds the floorplate inlet to the basic options. And lastly, there is an option called Flat Top which comes with no inlet whatsoever.

    The MSRPs for Flat, Basic and Full inlet options are $338, $390 and $548 respectively. The prices do not include the buttstock, buffer tube, and pistol grip.

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