Some recent Brazilian illegal gun seizing events

    I just can’t help it, folks (and Pete!). Whenever news like this here in Brazil come to my attention, I immediately wonder if TFB readers might be interested in also taking a look. The rate of recurrence at which such facts take place in this neck of the woods, as compared to other related news from, say the UK (e.g., usually prompt me to collect some of them for an almost regular feature here at “The Blog”. If you, readers and Editor, think it‘s enough, just let me know… I’ll keep all in a simple picture/short caption format, and, please, feel free to comment ID details I may lack.

    Paraná State Police agents busted a house in Agudos do Sul where these guns were found together with a reasonable ammo supply. The prominent item was a (Serbu?) .50 BMG bolt-action rifle, seen here on display beside a shorty AR-15 platform, a bullpup AK conversion, and a stockless AK with a polymer handguard. A semi-armored double-cabin pick-up truck with firing ports in the rear was also seized, the “fifty” now becoming a common weapon used by criminals for attacks on money-carrying armored trucks… which are then blasted open with dynamite!

    Yessir! Blasted open!

    Brazil’s very active PRF – Polícia Rodoviária Federal (Federal Highway Police) was lucky enough to seize this load of 20 brand-new AR-15 platforms (plus a single Roni-type convertion kit) shortly before being delivered to a criminal gang in Rio de Janeiro. Note two types of barrel lengths, magazines, and shoulder stocks. Yes, about 1,500 rounds of 5.56x45mm ammo also came along.

    Let’s face it: these two shorty AKs with 75-round drum magazines that recently fell into Rio de Janeiro’s Civil Police hands seem ready to be exhibited in an art show.

    The same goes to these two extremely colorful FALs!

    A rarer weapon in Rio’s criminal hands was this M1918 BAR, although its .30-06 chambering might have presented ammo supply problems for the bad guys. It is shown together with a couple of AKs, two AR-15 types (the stub barrel was, in fact, a broken barrel) and a FAL with an improvised vertical forward grip, all of these having been captured by PMERJ – Polícia Militar do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

    This scoped Ruger Mini-14 was recently captured after a criminal confrontation with 18 BPM (18 Military Police Battalion) in Rio de Janeiro. Note very short accessory rail under the barrel.

    With printed words describing previous gang owners, this retractable-stock Heckler & Koch G3KA4 (rear drum sight missing) was seized by crack BOPE (Special Police Operations Battalion) in Rio. Motto on flag says “What we do in life echoes through eternity”.

    The photo shows a bipod-equipped 9x19mm submachine gun partly covered by a folding stock AK. It’s a Czech-made ZK 383 from the mid-1930s,  seized  in Bahia State, in Brazil’s Northeastern region, during a joint Military, Civil and Federal Police operation. The type was exported to some South American countries such as Bolivia and Venezuela, back then.

    This battered Inland .30 M1 Carbine with five unfired rounds in the 30-round magazine has just (September 14) been seized by Rio Grande do Sul State’s Brigada Militar (the local Military Police agency) in Porto Alegre, the capital city.

    This equally decrepit Brazilian-made .45ACP INA M.B.50 subgun also fell to Brigada Militar hands, but the day before.

    Higher-res pics? Here:

    Ronaldo Olive

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