BULLPUP SCORPION: Manticore Arms CZ Chassis

    Bullpup Scorpion

    Just last Friday, Sven Jonsson of Manticore Arms posted up a teaser image of his latest project. Sven is a bullpup fanatic and in fact is hosting his own bullpup event this weekend. There he will officially unveil his CZ Bullpup Scorpion Chassis.

    CS Scorpion Bullpup

    Sven posted the photo above on Facebook. You can see the standard CZ Scorpion is still there. It looks like you remove the lower receiver trigger housing. Then the chassis appears to be attached to where the pistol grip used to be. Manticore also added a rail riser and a cheek rest over the top rail of the Scorpion.

    Below is a photo of my Scorpion pistol receiver. Even though I have the Midwest Industries K handguard, you can imagine what the factory handguard would look like on it and you can see what Manticore Arms added to their Bullpup chassis.

    From the photos it looks like the Scorpion Bullpup chassis may be molded polymer similar to the CZ Scorpion.

    The photo below was posted on Elite Firearms & Training Facebook page.

    The HB industries looking handguard might be the Stinger PDW. I am not sure if it is intentional but the Stinger PDW does not seem to have the buttpad on the back of the gun.This then opens up an interesting quandary. Could the Manticore Scorpion Bullpup chassis be installed on a CZ Scorpion Evo3 pistol and retain its pistol status if it does not have a buttpad stock? If so then it will be similar to the Bushmaster Arm pistol and the Bad Element Groza Pistol. On the right hand side of the cheek rest appears to be a sort of ejection port cover. Perhaps this is to help left handed shooter to prevent brass from flying back and hitting them in the face? In the photo above. it looks like the third bullpup is using a CZ Scorpion carbine barrel. Also I do not see a safety. But perhaps that is what the little protrusion above the pistol grip is for? It looks like it might be a cross bolt safety? I suspect after this weekend we will see more information and video on the Manticore Scorpion Bullpup.

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