Ritter & Stark GmbH files for insolvency

    Most of the articles and news I write come out of a personal interest and a curiosity to learn more, and hopefully share the same to our readers.

    However, from time to time there are news you’d rather not write about, but still feel obliged to.

    As I learn that the German-Austrian firearms manufacturer Ritter & Stark GmbH has become insolvent this is such a case. I first saw them at IWA in 2017, and the company probably did their first appearance in TFB in this article.

    They started their operations in 2015 and in the summer of 2018 it seems things have come to an end. There seem to be two companies with the same name, one in Germany and one Austria. In total they seem to have employed around 26 people.

    I had the pleasure to evaluate and shoot one of their first rifles, an SLX-308. I think it was serial number 10 chambered in .308 Win. We had some accuracy issues, but the barrel was changed free of charge and the new one performed much better.

    Serial number 10

    A friend of mine tried the same rifle, now in a 6,5 Creedmoor setup and put 5 quick rounds more or less in one hole at 100 meters. Amazing accuracy. If I knew where to find the picture in my all to large collection I would have attached it.

    An amazing collection of sniper rifles. Can you sport the Ritter & Stark? It’s second from the right.

    Ritter & Stark SLX with a selection of .308 Win.

    The design of the barrel is probably custom. I wonder how easy it would be to get a new one?

    As you can see, the idea was to have the optic attached on a Picatinny, which was sitting on the barrel.

    If you change barrel the optic follows, unless you chose to remove it.



    The Ritter & Stark homepage is dead. You can still check their Instagram.

    Source: 5min.at

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