POTD: DIY 1911 AOW Weapon Light

    The 1911 is renowned for winning two world wars. At least that is the mantra die hard 1911 fans recite. And the Fulton Industries MX991/U anglehead flashlight has been utlized for decades since the Vietnam War. Well someone had the great idea to combine these military cornerstones into one complete weapons package, a pseudo 1911 AOW.

    Did this person make an illegal 1911 AOW? Would an old Army Fulton anglelight count as a vertical foregrip? Considering this was haphazardly attached with electrical tape I don’t think it counts since it isn’t really attached like a proper VFG.

    In comparison Surefire made the M900 weapon light and it is considered a VFG and attaching that to a pistol would make it an AOW.

    All you would need to attach that to a 1911 would be a set of Recover Tactical grips.

    With the CMP 1911 pistols up for sale, you can get that and a Fulton Anglehead light and pretend you are back in the jungle fighting the Viet Cong.