The Archon Firearms Type B is Shipping

    Type B

    Archon Firearms’ Type B pistol is finally shipping to dealers and those who pre-ordered it. Back in November 2017, Arsenal Firearms, Inc. announced they would be changing their name to ‘Archon Firearms’ and rebranding their STRYK B pistol as the ‘Archon Firearms Type B’ at the same time. Shipment of pistols had been planned for spring 2018 but the Archron Firearms rebrand forced them to start the import process over, delaying the shipment of pistols into the US.

    While the Type B has been shipping elsewhere in the world, Rain6, whose website describes themselves as “one of North America’s few Archon Firearms master dealers”, gave some insight into when the new pistols will be available in the US. The initial ‘small shipment’ consists of pistols that will be proofed and dispatched as quickly as possible. Rain6 told those customers that had pre odered pistols as early as mid-2016 that their guns would be sent out on 7th September.

    The email also said that the “next shipment from Germany is said to be on the way the first week of September, now.” with Archon Firearms explaining that the next shipment should be large enough to fulfil all of Rain6’s remaining pre orders “later this month or the first part of Oct.” depending on delays at customs.

    In a subsequent update Rain6 confirmed that research and development on threaded barrels, weapon light holsters, mag extensions, ported barrels and slides and RMS mounting is underway. The time scale on threaded barrels is said to be 30 to 45 days.

    Here are the Type B’s specs:

    TYPE: Semi-Automatic Striker-Fired Pistol
    CALIBER: 9mm
    CAPACITY: 15 Rounds, Double-Stack
    FRAME: Black Polymer
    SIGHTS: Serrated Rear w/ Front Fiber Optic Sight (Glock Standard Dovetail)
    BARREL LENGTH: 4.29″
    WEIGHT: 29.6 oz.
    LENGTH: 7.59″
    HEIGHT: 5.12″
    WIDTH: 1.38″
    SAFETY FEATURES: Trigger Block, Firing Pin Safety Block, Trigger Bar Disconnect

    In the meantime pistols have also been arriving at other dealers, with Archon Firearms’ instagram sharing photos, from a number of retailers. The Type B has an MSRP of $849.95.

    Also check out Vlad’s piece on the early history of the pistol here.

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