POTD: DIY Technical Truck Gun

    Some shooters love to romanticize the idea of a truck gun aka trunk gun. They usually have an expendable firearm that they relegate to be stored in their trunk or truck in case of emergencies. Well my friend Cory Sementuh of CDS Arms takes it an extra step and made a DIY Technical using his company’s Chevy Avalanche.

    CDS Arms is an FFL07/02 SOT so he gets to play with the fun stuff. The M2 Browning is full auto. The M2 is attached to a custom mount made by a mutual friend, Josh James.

    Josh made me a custom mount for the bed. It straps down tight and then I use a hydraulic mil mount to hold the gun and can 0f ammo

    Other people have made their own DIY technicals using side by sides and a jeep..

    Some states it is illegal to fire a firearm from a motor vehicle, so if you want to make one yourself, make sure you comply with the regulations of the state you reside in.