3D Printed Firearms Accessories from MK Machining

    Tyler Kemp of MK Machining and his partner introduced their Remington 700 bullpup chassis at the 2017 Shot Show and got a lot of attention. Here’s a link to that TFB article.  Now MKM is making 3D printed firearms accessories that are saving consumers a lot of money over machined metal parts.  MKM offers both options and is currently working towards a brand new version of their bullpup chassis for the 2019 Shot Show.

    MKM produces all their products in-house from their high tech facilities in Columbia Missouri.  Their 3D printed scope throw levers are a hot seller for them.  I personally own several and can vouch for their durability and quality.  They offer milled levers as well, but the cost savings on the printed levers can’t be beaten. Printed polymer throw levers cost $19.99 MSRP.  You can find them here.

    Another 3D printed product offered by MK Machining is their Anti-Static Powder Funnel Kit.  They are made from Electro-Static Discharge safe material so you don’t have to worry about blowing yourself up.  Seems like a positive feature to me! It also means that the funnels flow freely and none of the powder sticks inside the funnel while pouring.  These are completely modular and come with caliber specific inserts. The “Full Modular Anti-Static Powder Funnel Set” will run you $49.99 MSRP.  You can find one here.

    Something MKM offers that is often overlooked is their steel targets.  All of their targets are water jet cut.  This is critically important for edge durability.  MKM has done in-house testing to show that cutting targets with any “hot” method tends to weaken the edges of the steel.  This causes the edges to gouge and pit more easily when struck with a bullet.  Alternatively, target edges that have been water cut show significant increases in durability and lifespan. They offer custom sizes and shapes, scoring zones, and logo etching.  These steel targets range in price from $14.99 to $169.99 MSRP.

    TFB will most likely catch up with MK Machining at Shot Show 2019 and bring you more details on their new Remington 700 bullpup chassis which will be called simply the MK2.  The MK2 will accept the majority of custom actions already available on the market.  The trigger will be adjustable from approximately 1.5 pounds down to 4 ounces.  The rifle will be completely ambidextrous as well. Stay tuned for more on that.

    MKM also offers custom 3D printing and millwork as well as selling optics from top name manufacturers like Vortex, Kahles, and Swarovski.  For more information on MK Machining and all their products visit their website at https://mkmachining.com


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