Poland’s WITU Unveil New Military Pistol: the PW INKA

    At the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO18 exposition in Kielce, Poland, WITU, Poland’s Institute of Armament Technology has unveiled a brand new 9x19mm service pistol, the PW-INKA.

    The pistol had reportedly been developed by WITU in conjunction with Prexer, a Polish arms manufacturer responsible for the previous WIST-94 service pistol. The INKA was displayed at both the WITU and Prexer booths at MSPO18.

    The new pistol may be WITU’s entry into trials for the WIST-94’s replacement, if so it will go up against FB Radom’s PR-15 Ragun. FB Radom’s PR-15 appeared back in December 2017, and reports suggest it has already been issued to some Polish Army units, possibly for field testing.

    The pistol shares some ergonomic similarities with the Walter P99-series, which Poland has favoured in the past, with FB Radom manufacturing a licensed version in the early 2000s. The INKA, however, is a hammer fired design. It uses a standard short recoil action, has a 15 round magazine, a double action / single action trigger and no external safeties – unlike the PR-15.

    Our friends over at MilMag shared a number of photos of the new pistol:


    The PW INKA disassembled (MilMag)


    Right side of the PW INKA (MilMag)


    The INKA was displayed as both a working model and a 3D printed mock up. Some specs were also given on the new pistol. It has an overall length of 20cm or 7.9 inches and a weight of 771g or 27oz unloaded. This makes it slightly lighter and longer than the PR-15.

    PW INKA 9mm

    WITU’s PW INKA (Robert Czulda/via twitter)

    The new pistol follows the recent Polish trend to name weapons after their World War Two heroes. The INKA is named in honour of Lt. Danuta Siedzikówna, whose code name was Inka, a Polish Home Army nurse who was executed by Soviet occupying forces in 1946, for her involvemnt with the post-war anti-Communist underground. WITU filed a trademark for the name, PW INKA, back in July.

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