FN Model D Caliber Conversions – FN’s BAR

    The Browning Automatic Rifle is well known for its use in WWII. It was chambered in .30-06 and is full auto. Well did you know Fabrique Nationale made a revised version called the FN-D or FN Model D. Two years ago Scott Howard aka Machinegun Dad, let me use his FN Model D. It looks like a BAR but it was caliber converted to shoot 7.62×51 NATO.

    There are some significant differences in the FN Model D over the original BAR. First FN relocated the bipod to the gas block and more importantly the gun features a quick change barrel system. They also added a pistol grip and rather than select fire, the FN Model D has a slow and fast mode. On slow you get about 300 rounds per minute. And 600 rounds per minute on fast.

    You may recall Scott’s machine gun collection seen in this article here.

    Recently Scott posted a video showcasing the caliber conversions of the FN Model D. It is chambered in .30-06, 8mm and .308. The caliber conversion are actually relatively easy. The only difficult part is making the magazines work. Scott made a custom spacer for the 8mm magazines since they are not as long as the .30-06 magazines. FN made a separate trigger pack with a built in spacer to use FN FAL magazine for the .308 conversion.

    To compliment his field strip video, Scott shoots the FN Model D in all three calibers.

    I only shot the .308 version and found it extremely pleasant. The recoil was mild and the slow rate of fire was enjoyable.

    A different angle.

    Shooting the FN Model D in .308 makes the gun a lot more tame. Combined with the weight, the recoil is really mild. Check out Machine Gun DAD for more of his videos on machine guns.

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