NEW LaRue Tactical C.A.N. (Click Adjust Nut) QD SPR Mount

    LaRue Tactical has introduced a new quick detach scope mount called C.A.N. (Click Adjust Nut) QD SPR Mount. The main difference of this mount compared to other LaRue mounts is the new toolless adjustment mechanism. Unlike the previous models which required a use of a 3/8″ wrench for the adjusting the QD lever to the Picatinny rail, the C.A.N. mount utilizes proprietary thumb nuts that click when rotated – similar to scope turrets.

    NEW LaRue Tactical C.A.N (Click Adjust Nut) QD SPR Scope Mount (2)

    The LaRue Tactical press release, as well as description of this product on their website, is written in a format of an interview with Mark LaRue. Here is an excerpt from that text explaining the reason the company made this new mount:

    “Mark, why this, why now ?”

    Because we suspect some of our near and dear competitors have been telling Uncle Sam for years that the LaRue 3/8” adjustment wrench is the chink in our armor. We suspect this because after nearly 1 million legacy LaRue mounts in Uncle Sam’s .mil system, a system that has to be awash in 3/8” LaRue wrenches, they came out with an optic solicitation that specifically specified “tool-less adjustment”. Fine, we’ll play.

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    According to Mark LaRue, the new system uses very fine adjustment increments and basically provides infinite adjustment range. Another benefit of the C.A.N. mount is that you can count the number of clicks necessary to adjust it to any particular weapon system and if you need to use the scope on multiple weapons, you can perfectly adjust it to the exact same level of tension knowing the number of clicks necessary to tighten it on each of your firearms. This will provide a consistent torque on the rail and ensure a retained zero.

    NEW LaRue Tactical C.A.N (Click Adjust Nut) QD SPR Scope Mount (6)

    Here is also what Mark LaRue said concerning the production plan:

    We’ve perfected and dedicated a special multi-CNC in-house machining cell to make these rascals in volume … enjoy the savings, and know that your business makes us hit the floor running every morning.

    NEW LaRue Tactical C.A.N (Click Adjust Nut) QD SPR Scope Mount (3)

    The LaRue Tactical toolless C.A.N. mount is available on the company’s website at an MSR of $99. Now, this is the price of the mount only. You’ll need to add four ring halves to the purchase with a total price of $39.96 ($9.99 each). So the cost of the mount and four ring half package will be $138.96. The ring halves are available in 1″, 30mm and 34mm sizes. The ring size choice does not affect the price.

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