POTD: AK-47 Handguard Made Out of a Log

    ak-47 handguard

    These days everyone is adding the lightest most tactical handguards to their rifles. People are debating MLOK vs Keymod, what’s the best weapons light to mount to their AK-47 handguard, what’s the best new tacticool do-dad, etc. All the while some dude on Instagram thought, “I’m going to make some handguards for my AK out of a log!”.

    Kojot39 found a piece of wood that was about the right size then went to work. After a bunch of Dremeling he came up with the masterpiece below and mounted it to his Draco AK-47 pistol.

    It works too! Kind of, you can see Kojot39 actually firing his Draco with the raw wood handguard in the video below but they start to get loose after a few shots.

    You can see how he created the handguard in the series of photos below.