TFB SEASONS: Labor Day 2018

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    Today we salute the unofficial end of summer in the northern hemisphere, swapping lemonade and hotdogs for pumpkin spice lattes and scones. In the firearm world, the changing of the seasons can mean a change in the way we carry our concealed weapons. The shorts that normally hold our pocket pistols get packed in the lower drawers and the long sleeved fleeces come out to cover our waistband or index carry locations.

    Above: GLOCK 19X and SureFire x300 Ultra

    TFB SEASONS: Labor Day 2018

    This Thursday we start a new editorial series: TFB’s Concealed Carry Corner. Like Silencer Saturday and Friday Night Lights, this new column will focus on anything and everything that has to do with packing a defensive firearm. We have a few topics in mind, but we can always use more input. What topics would you like to see covered in the world of concealed carry?

    For today, enjoy your time with friends and family (hopefully you don’t have to work on Labor Day). But if you have a minute to spare, drop us a note in the comments section below. What gun do you pack and where do you carry it? And do you change your setups to match the season or your clothing? Lastly, how often do your practice with your handgun, holster and wear location?

    Thanks for reading TFB. See you tomorrow.


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