New series of hunting rifle mounts from Spuhr

    If you are looking for a less tactical and less “mil-spec look” for your hunting rifle Spuhr now has a hunting line for the Tikka.

    Another benefit is that less of your beloved pennies and dollars have to leave your wallet, and you get a slimmer mount that blends in really well on your Tikka T3x or Sako TRG 22/42. The mount is also slightly lighter than the Spuhr ISMS mounts.

    The price is 196 EUR. The mounts are too new to be up on the US Mile high website, so I don’t have a price for the US unfortunately.

    Below you can see the Tikka 17mm dovetail rails. The mount does not include a bubble level and they are all 0 MOA canted.

    A note from the design is that the small holes are drainage holes to prevent residue from the anodizing processing from getting caught in the bottom of the various screw holes. The bigger holes are for the recoil lug screw, so that you can place the mount where you want it.

    Below you can see the 3 different versions, depending on your scope.


    SCT-3001 Ø30 H30mm 0MIL T3

    Article no.: SCT-3001

    Our new Hunting Series of mounts – offering a more attractive and lightweight alternative to the ISMS series of scope mounts.
    The SCT-3001 is designed for the Tikka T3X, but will also fit on the SAKO TRG 22/42, and features one classic ring and one interface ring.
    As the Hunting Series does not feature a built-in bubble level the mount can be rotated as to have the rings open either to the left or to the right, allowing right-handed and left-handed shooters an equal ability to mount accessories where so desired.
    0 MIL/0 MOA Height: 30 mm/1.18” Length: 118 mm/4.65” Weight: 153 g/5.4 oz
    Note: For rifles with TRG/Tikka T3 dovetail – NOT for Picatinny rail or SAKO TRG-S.


    For 34 mm/1.35″ height and Ø30 mm


    SCT-3006 Ø30 H34mm 0MIL T3



    And the 34 mm height Ø34 mm version – the SCT-4006:


    SCT-4006 Ø34 H34mm 0MIL T3


    The Tikka T3x and T3 should have the same design, so the mount should fit older Tikkas as well.

    There are no mounts that fit the Remington 700 (yet).


    Below you can see some TFB exclusive pictures of the SCT-3001. Note that these pictures might be of a prototype, which was shown to me earlier this year, so minor details may differ from the production series.

    Spuhr SCT-3001 at IWA 2018.

    US customers should contact Mile High Shooting.

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