Federal Premium Hi-Bird Upland: Better Control for More Long Distance Birds


    When it comes to upland bird hunting, we are always trying to squeak the most performance out of our gear. Whether we are hunting grouse, quail, dove, ptarmigan or pheasants we want the best to ensure our tags are filled and our crockpots are overflowing. This can come in the context of buying new shotguns because… I would have dusted that pheasant if my shotgun didn’t fail me! Or new ammunition because… My aim was right on! The ammo never got there! Whatever the case may be (or helps hunters sleep at night), Federal Premium is hoping you look to them to fill any gaps you have in the ammunition department with new options in their HI-BIRD UPLAND shotgun shells.

    What can truly help an upland bird hunter is being able to connect on long-distance shots. When dogs flush too early or leery wild birds take flight at a moment’s notice of danger, it is important to be able to hit on those fleeting opportunities. Federal Premium bears this in mind with their HI-BIRD UPLAND loads by affording shooters that long-range accuracy. They go on to further outline that below.

    • High-Power 12 Gauge Loads maximize Long-Range Lethality on Pigeons, Doves & Upland Game
    • Two-Piece Wad features Soft-Cell Technology to decrease Perceived Recoil & produce Better, More Consistent Long-Range Patterns
    • Lead Shot is Engineered for the Optimum Blend of Hardness & Density for even Patterns & more Downrange Energy
    • Perfect for the Field or Competition

    So with all of this technology engineered into their prior loads and Federal‘s newest offerings it gives upland bird hunters a lot of options to pick from. Choose your bird, choose your load. Those new shotguns shells with their associated MSRPs can be found below.

    • 12 Gauge 2 ¾” | 1-¼ Oz. 4-Shot | 1,330 FPS | MSRP $12.95 (HVF12H 4)
    • 12 Gauge 2 ¾” | 1-¼ Oz. 5-Shot | 1,330 FPS | MSRP $12.95 (HVF12H 5)
    • 12 Gauge 2 ¾” | 1-¼ Oz. 8-Shot | 1,330 FPS | MSRP $12.95 (HVF12H 8)

    So what really matters is what do you guys, gals, hunters and huntresses think? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We love to hear your feedback.


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