‘What You Need Is A New Canooter Valve’ – Witt Machine Suppressor


    Thanks to a tip from my friends at AR15.com, Witt Machine has released a low profile silencer that is both affordable as well as touting extreme performance. The Canooter Valve is a 8.4 ounce, 3.9” long, 1.125” diameter suppressor that claims 136.9dB at the shooter’s ear. While we don’t have the specifics on the barrel length of the host weapon, sub 140dB at the ear out of a suppressor with such a small amount of internal volume is an impressive feat of physics mastery and engineering prowess.

    Shorter and lighter is definitely the name of the game when it comes to rifle suppressors. Hanging an extra 8-12” off the end of an already long barrel is less than desirable. However, balancing those characteristics with decent suppression is the real challenge. There are a lot of variables in play when it comes to “hearing safe” centerfire silencers: outer diameter, length, baffle design, bore size, caliber, barrel length and action type will all  play a roll in achieving decent suppression. And accurately metering the shots is an important part of the process.

    At a $260 MSRP, a suppressor with these specifications has the potential to be a game-changer (I hate that term). Hopefully Witt Machine will allow me to borrow a Canooter Valve for some independent testing here at TFB’s Silencer Saturday.

    Specifications are listed below.

    Witt Machine Canooter Valve


    According to members of our family a Canooter Valve doesn’t exist, kind of like a box of grid squares, Until NOW.

    The goal was to produce a full auto rated suppressor that was hearing safe and make it the most compact unit available anywhere.  AND, keep the price of the suppressor and tax stamp under 500.00 so that normal folks can afford it.

    • .223/5.56 caliber, 1/2-28 threading (others pending)
    • 136dB at the shooters ear
    • 8.4 oz. 3.9 inches long (3.2″ added length to barrel)
    • 1 1/8 inch in diameter
    • No blow back through the charging handle
    • Made from 416 Stainless
    • Full Auto Rated, 7″ barrels and longer
    • FLASH HIDER machined into the end of the Canooter Valve
    • Custom Serial Numbers are available upon request.

    These Canooter Valves will transfer to your NFA Dealer on a Form 3.


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