Brownell’s HK416/417 Parts Are HERE And Will Be Available This Friday!

    Remember last March? We learned that Brownell’s was acquiring and importing HK416 and HK417 components. Well last August 13 they posted the photo above and below of their shipment of HK 416/417 parts.

    These parts came from Germany. Zib Militaria to be exact. Due to German laws they were unable to obtain barrels and bolts. Not even Zib Militaria carries functioning bolts or barrels.

    Paul Levy of Brownells sent me this email regarding the sale of these parts. First up for sale will be the HK417 parts and they only have 200 sets!

    For some background, in case you’re not aware, Brownells sourced a limited number of HK416 and HK 417 parts kits (less than 200 each) a while back. Originally, these kits were military-ready HK machine guns but were disassembled by H&K, and then sold through a third party to us.

    These kits are BRAND NEW (any slight imperfections on them are from disassembly only). To our knowledge, these parts kits have never been available in this configuration, in this condition, to U.S. customers before.

    We will not yet be offering the HK416 parts kits just yet, but we are planning to sell the HK417 parts kits beginning this FRIDAY, August 31. However, these kits will only be available to Brownells EDGE members at first. Customers who want at these right away can sign up at

    If there are any kits left, they will be available for sale to non-EDGE customers on Tuesday, September 4.

    Included in the kits are all parts to finish a rifle, except a bolt, barrel, and lower receiver. Here’s the details:

    • Upper Receiver Assembly – Includes piston bushing, forward assist and ejection port cover
    • Charging Handle Assembly
    • Handguard & Barrel Nut  – Some handguard may have cut for front sight, but no front sight is included, includes retaining bolt & spring
    • Gas Block – Does not include pins for attaching to barrel
    • Gas Piston Assembly – Includes Piston & Rings and Piston Rod Assembly
    • Flash Hider
    • Bolt Carrier – Includes cam pin, firing pin, firing pin spring and firing pin retaining pin
    • Extractor & Ejector – Includes spring & hardware (417 includes two ejectors & springs)
    • Receiver Extension with Buffer, Spring, Castle Nut and End Plate
    • Buttstock Assembly
    • Pistol Grip – Includes screw & bottom door
    • Lower Parts Kit – Includes Takedown Pins & Hardware, Magazine Release Assembly, Bolt Catch Assembly, Buffer Retainer Assembly and Trigger Guard
    • Fire Control Group – May include Full Auto, Burst or Semi-Auto Group ALL NFA RULES APPLY
    • Safety Selector Levers – ALL NFA RULES APPLY
    • Auto Sear – ALL NFA RULES APPLY

    The H&K 417 kits will sell for $3,499.99. Come Friday, they can be found on as part #100-026-984.


    Take a careful look at the photos above. You will not be getting a barrel or a bolt. Right now HKparts is sold out of German made bolts. And they want $497.95 for one! They don’t have any barrels for sale but they do have one complete 417 assaulter kit, all you need is the lower receiver. Yours for a bargain at $25,000 USD.

    Some of these kits will come with the full auto sear, trigger, and safety selector. These are legal to own and are not regulated by the ATF. However NFA rules apply so make sure you follow the law. No more information about the 416/417 receiver blanks that they also got.

    These Brownells 416/417 parts are very limited. Less than 200 sets each. While they are a bit pricey, it is HK and they fetch quite the premium. It seems the 417 parts will be available this Friday to Brownells EDGE members first and whatever is left over will be sold to the public on September 4th.

    But wait!! What about the barrels and bolts? Well you could try and get them from HKParts. But there is a rumor that GSG9.US will be making barrels and bolts but have not confirmed that rumor just yet.  They are already making those components for Tom Bostic of Tommybuilt and his US made T36 firearms. Check out Brownells for more info.

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