VDC Armory FYR Muzzle Brake System

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    The FYR Muzzle Brake System by VDC Armory represents a solution to mount a muzzle device on rifles with non-threaded barrels. This system consists of the company’s FYR muzzle brake and PHNX thread adapter. Perhaps the key component of the system is the thread adapter which is custom made for each customer’s rifle.

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    The thread adapter clamps onto the non-threaded barrel and gets tightened in place via two sets of five screws located on either side of the adapter. Once installed, the adapter provides a 5/8-24 threaded section to mount the FYR muzzle brake or any other muzzle device designed for that thread pitch. I contacted VDC Armory to find out if it can be used with suppressors. They answered me that they did test the thread adapter with a .223/5.56 suppressor and had no issues after about 500 round fired through this setup. I assume, that if the thread adapter is clamped properly, there should not be any issues with mounting a suppressor on it.

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    If you have a rifle and for whatever reason you can’t thread its muzzle, then this system should be a great solution for you. It will also be handy for those who mostly prefer or have to shoot with the bare muzzle but may need to use a muzzle device in some instances.

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    When ordering this system, the company asks you to measure the barrel diameter of your rifle at the muzzle portion so that they can make the thread adapter perfectly fit your rifle. Here is exactly what information you need to provide them when ordering:

    Measuring Information

    For our PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brakes we only need the Caliber and Two Measurements in order to custom machine the brake to fit your rifle.

    Using a quality set of DIAL CALIPER or MICROMETER measure the diameter of the barrel at the muzzle and 1.625″ back from the muzzle. Recheck the diameters at several points around the barrel and submit your measurement as an average of these.

    Please be as exact as possible to ensure we machine the correct diameter bore into your brake.

    Your measurements need to be submitted in either thousandths of an inch – .###” or hundredths of a millimeter – #.##mm

    The FYR Muzzle Brake System is machined out of billet 416 stainless steel (both the adapter and the brake). This system is available either as tumbled matte stainless or with a Cerakote finish of Graphite Black or FDE colors. The FYR Muzzle Brake System is listed on the VDC Armory website at an MSRP of  $130.

    Images from www.vdcarmory.com

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