The Unique Method of Cleaning OSS Helix-QD Suppressors

    The Unique Method of Cleaning OSS Helix-QD Suppressors (1)

    I know that the drill is not to clean the centerfire rifle suppressors because they run at such high pressures that the gasses following the bullet will clean the can by wiping out anything inside it everytime the gun is fired. But let’s say you need to clean it. You’ll most likely disassemble it and clean the baffles with scrapers and brushes after soaking them in a cleaning solution. That should be the way of cleaning for most of the “conventional” suppressor designs. Now what OSS Suppressors suggest as a cleaning procedure for their Helix-QD cans is quite¬†different and very interesting.

    The Unique Method of Cleaning OSS Helix-QD Suppressors (2)

    In one of their recently published videos, OSS recommends the following procedure for cleaning their Helix-QD suppressors. First, you need to submerge the entire suppressor into a cleaning solvent and let it soak for a day or two to break all the carbon and lead/copper residues loose from the suppressor parts. Then, all you need is to remove the suppressor from the cleaning solution, mount it back to your rifle and shoot a magazine or two of ammunition through it. That’s it, your OSS Helix-QD can is clean!

    The Unique Method of Cleaning OSS Helix-QD Suppressors (2)

    What happens is that pressure wiping feature of rifle ammunition in conjunction with the Flow-Through design of Helix-QD suppressors blow all the loose or dissolved particles straight out of the can. The Flow-Trough technology was initially designed to keep the suppressor cooler by redirecting the expanded gasses forward and out of the can via the ports on its front portion. However, thanks to that technology it is also possible to clean these suppressors with the described method. Now, you should not use this cleaning method with other suppressors – it won’t work and could be potentially dangerous because they lack the mentioned unique design features of OSS Helix-QD cans.

    The Unique Method of Cleaning OSS Helix-QD Suppressors (1)

    For more details on this method of cleaning the OSS suppressors, watch the video embedded below.

    Images of this article are taken from the OSS Suppressors’ video.

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