POTD: Hi-Point Themed AR15s

    Steve Talischeck of Mad Pig Customs has made two custom AR-15s. His inspiration was Hi-Point and their reputation in the firearm community. Here are his Hi-Point themed AR15s.

    I spoke with Steve and he tells me that his FFL information is engraved underneath the trigger guard area. The first Hi-Point themed AR15 is a standard design. He called the model “HP15” for HiPoint 15. He made the serial number HP0001 to go with the Hi-Point theme. The second one makes me smile. It is the “PROBLEMSOLVA”. A common joke referring to an episode of Vice where an obscurred gang member claimed his “Glock 40” is a problem solver. He holds up a Hi-Point pistol.  Even the selector markings are different. On the HP0001 AR15, the safety shows a crossed off bullet and semi auto shows a bullet shape. On the PROBLEMSOLVA AR15, Steve went with symbols shaped like Hi-Point pistols and for full auto he engraved “THUGLIFE”. Steve has assured me that one of these will become a bonafide machine gun.

    Steve also modified a Hi-Point pistol. There are slide serrations, an RMR style optic milled into the slide, and a threaded barrel with an Alpha Dog Silencer.

    I can’t wait to see what Mad Pig Customs ends up doing when they finish building their Hi-Point AR-15. Oh and in case you think Hi-Point would be upset, quite the contrary. Hi-Point is entertained with what Steve has done with their firearms and since Steve is not making these AR15s for profit and in low numbers they are fine with it. Steve was hoping to get a cease and desist letter to frame but Hi-Point would not entertain him.