Summer 2018’s Top 10 Best Selling Handguns

    Note: James erroneously states that the SIG P365 had been recalled. This is inaccurate. See this article for more details. We apologize to Sig Sauer for the error.

    In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves looks at the 10 best selling handguns of Summer 2018. These results were taken from a survey of over 300 stores during a 3 month period. Of course, you’ll see some of the most popular guns from Glock, Sig, Ruger, and Smith and Wesson, but there are some surprising makes and models in this list too. This list isn’t exact because James had to parse a list of nearly 2500 guns to find all of the SKUs per each particular model and add them together, but it should be an accurate representation of the summer’s hottest pistols.


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    – Glock
    – Ruger
    – SIG
    – Taurus
    – Smith & Wesson

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