NSR Tactical Dual Appendix Carry Holster

    Appendix Carry Holster

    What’s better than carrying a concealed handgun? Carrying two concealed handguns! Even better if you carry both in an Appendix Carry Holster. Well, the folks over at NSR Tactical have just the product that ticks all those boxes, it’s called the C-1 Dual Appendix Holster. It’s similar to their C-1 Appendix Holster but it allows you to carry a second pistol of the same make and model. It includes a tuckable strut that allows the user to tuck in their shirt if they need to. It also uses pull the dot snaps and it can be used with both the Ulticlip and Ulticlip XL holster clips.

    The only thing that I think would improve this product is if they made one that would holster both a Glock and a 1911 because I can never decide which one is the better pistol. Seriously though, I don’t know how many people would actually use this holster. Whatever your opinions are on appendix carry (Larry Vickers actually banned them from his classes), if you mess up while reholstering your pistol(s) into an AIWB holster the results can be pretty dire. Like two bullets into your junk or femoral artery dire. Drawing from this holster would look cool, however.

    In case you wanted to actually use this monstrosity, it’s available in various colors for the Glock 17/22, 19/23, 26/27, 34/35, Glock 43, S&W Shield, M&P 2.0 Compact and Full Size and Sig Sauer P320. It retails for $115 over at nsrtactical.com.

    By popular demand NSR Tactical has developed a dual appendix holster for shooters who want fast access to their backup gun. This holster allows you to carry two pistols of the same make and model at the same time with the same degree of comfort and flexibility as our C-1 or Appendix-EDC holsters.


    – One Tuckable Strut and soft loop. Allows you to tuck your shirt if needed.

    – Pull The Dot Directional Snaps

    – Completely Ambidextrous by Design.

    – Accommodates the Ulti-clip 3 and XL

    Appendix Carry Holster

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