POTD: Suppressed, Military-Surplus Chassis Glock?

    Chassis Glock

    This is a really hard firearm to look at. A chassis Glock? Actually, it is an airsoft Glock. [Spoiler Alert] While looking at it makes me cringe I am still really intrigued like a lot of you may be. You have so much going on that it is like a gunsmith’s bench vomited all of its unused parts into one abomination.

    The best way to identify that this chassis Glock is not something that would throw an ATF agent into a raging frenzy is the magazines. By looking at the four laid out on the counter you can see a valve at the back of each of them for gas. Even if you are not familiar with airsoft toys, but you are well-versed in firearms, they just look terribly off.

    You also have this wood stock stole from some foreign surplus rifle. It is really hard to discern what exactly because it has the characteristics of so many. Enfield?… SKS?… Mosin Nagant?… Arisaka?… You have a cheek riser that has been crudely fashioned to it as well; high functionality and high drag. Next, as if all of that were not enough you have a faux suppressor up front. Then, of course you need to have a riser mount for an over-sized red dot because it would not complete the ensemble without one, right?

    Chassis Glock

    This photo was found on “Bootleg Gunz: The Bazaar of Bizarre Guns” on Facebook. Where they obtained this picture, who engineered this Frankenstein and any further details are not available. While this is not a real “gun” I kind of wish it was because as odd as it looks… I want to shoot it!

    What do all of you think? Is this something that should be tossed into a dumpster? Or would you stand in line to shoot this thing? Let us know in the Comments below!