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    Overseas Gun Culture Low Ready Media

    In this article, we’ll talk about a German YouTube channel called Low Ready Media. This channel is one of the few non-US gun media sources that create a high-quality video content. It is also a good example to start a discussion about the gun culture outside of the US in general, the challenges people meet and the obstacles they have to overcome.

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    There is no doubt the overwhelming majority of gun-related content is created in and/or for the USA. And there are reasons for that. The land of free has the largest gun community in the world and has a rich history and culture of civilian firearms ownership protected by the Second Amendment. The situation is different for firearms enthusiast living overseas. It is quite hard to create a quality content while being in countries with restrictive gun legislation. It is harder to obtain firearms for doing a review, the variety of guns that you can put your hands on is limited and even transportation and shooting the guns is sometimes heavily controlled. I am not even talking about the expenses of producing content which most likely won’t cover the costs for a long time. Another obstacle that non-American content creators face is the language barrier. You can target the local audience by publishing your content in your native language, but if you want to engage a much larger audience of the United States and the rest of the world, then you have to have your content in English or as in the case of Low Ready Media with English subtitles. Nevertheless, despite all the mentioned obstacles, there are people like folks at Low Ready Media who still manage to create good quality and entertaining content even being located in countries with strict gun control legislation.

    In order to evaluate the quality of Low Ready Media’s content, let’s watch one of their recent videos (with English subtitles) where Moritz, the host of the channel, reviews the Black Creek Laboratories BCL 102 rifle.

    Let us know in the comments section about your impressions from the Low Ready Media and let’s discuss the gun culture in different countries in general. Also, please share in the comments section the links to other similar foreign YouTube channels that you are aware of.

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