That’s right boys and girls, for all of you who look at the current pistol caliber carbine market and say “not for that price,” your day has come. For a retail price of $419 ($499 MSRP) you can order a factory-direct EXTAR EP9 That comes with a magazine, SB Tactical pistol stabilizing brace and AR15 controls? What’s the catch, you say? If it runs, I don’t think there is a “catch”. A GLOCK magazine PCC at this price point would almost be a fantasy a few years ago.

    Let’s see if we can borrow an EP9 for a TFB reviewer. The EXTAR needs to be put to the test!

    $400 GLOCK PCC – The EXTAR EP9

    Extar EP9 Features


    • Glock type Magazine compatible
    • 9x19mm Caliber, including +P
    • 6.5″ Barrel Length
    • SB Tactical SOB Brace included
    • 1.24 diameter tube, dimpled, suitable for either 58 Tactical or Shockwave braces
    • Last round bolt hold open
    • Integral QD Point at aft end of Lower Receiver
    • 1/2×28 Muzzle Thread
    • Overall length without Brace 22.5″
    • Weight without Brace 3.85Ibs
    • Weight with Brace 4.30Ibs » Magazine Included
    • MSRP: $499 ($419 Retail)

    The EP9 has advanced features such as a unique impulse damping system, that yields an uncharacteristically soft shooting experience for a blowback design while retaining the characteristic reliability that comes along with blowback Simplicity The EPQ’s light weight and small size make it easy and convenient to handle and use.

    About Extar


    Back in 1995, our group of personnel developed and introduced the first Molded Polymer Rifle caliberReceiver sets to the World. Since then we’ve produced receivers and other components to some majormanufacturers varianced and sold under their own brands.

    In 2010 we conceived, developed, and began preparing for market the quite unique EXP platform ofPistol in 5.56Nato cal. The Extar EXP556 was introduced to market in 2013 with New Frontier Armoryselected as a distribution channel. The EXP has enjoyed great success, developed quite a following, and we’re sure will continue to be a desirable firearm. Some may be wondering why it is notappearing on this site.

    For 2018, we’ve decided to focus our attentions and production resources towards the Pistol CaliberFirearm segment. It seemed a shame to just discontinue availability of the EXP556 series, so anagreement was reached with New Frontier Armory to have them acquire the remaining inventory ofreceiver components and related molded items as to facilitate them assembling and offering EXP556’s.The EXP556 lives on, though offered and serviced through New Frontier Armory. We have high hopesof seeing them continue it or something quite similar under their own branding when the limited numberof Extar produced components have been depleted.We’re endeavoring into different types of distribution channels for the products appearing on this site, soplease don’t bother the good folks at New Frontier concerning inquiries intended for the manufacturer ofproducts appearing on this site.


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