Sibergun RSC410 – The Revolver Shotgun

    This is a challenge, and a struggle. How do you describe a firearm that you have seen, examined but there is really nothing available in terms of facts?

    I saw this revolving shotgun from Yazicilarav at IWA Germany earlier this year, but I couldn’t find any information about it at the time. It’s like Google is broken when it comes to this shotgun, but after this article maybe that will change?

    The sales people in the booth at IWA didn’t do much help, there was a serious language barrier between us. Yazicilarav are based in Turkey.

    The Yazicilarav Facebook page was last updated in 2014, so apparently that’s not part of their marketing plan either.

    I could say that the Sibergun homepage is rather useless, but it would be an understatement. Have a look yourself here.

    Still it’s a pretty cool thing with a revolving shotgun, even though it’s only in caliber .410.

    Months have passed, but I still struggle to find any useful information. However I have dug as deep as I can and thought I should share the pictures and share the pieces I could find. Perhaps some of our reader know more? Please share in the comments below, it’s appreciated.

    Below you can see the IWA leaflet. That’s as big as the online picture is, so it’s really difficult to see anything of value.

    A picture from IWA. The shotgun at the bottom of the picture is the “Revolver”.

    Revolver 410 Ga. “Revolver series shotgun 410 Ga. One of the premium shotguns”.

    A typical Turkish shotgun from Siberhunting is roughly 300 USD, but there are much cheaper models too. Not sure how “premium” they are. I used to own an Akdal 1919 Shotgun and it’s one of the few firearms I’ve ever sold, so I might be biased.

    I cannot find the Revolver Shotgun in any of the online stores where their other shotguns are sold, so it could be that the product never took off?

    “Rifled barrel options may be taken into consideration depending on the quantity in demand. Demand under 500 pcs. in a year will not be evaluated.”

    The stock is made “of a special kind of Turkish Walnut.”

    Sibergun RSC410

    Type: Revolver with a capacity of 5 shells.

    It is available in caliber .410 (Shotgun) with a 61 cm (24.4″) barrel length with either a synthetic or wooden finish.

    According to the catalogue, the Sibergun is also available in calibers .45 and .223 Remington, but I honestly don’t know if these are using a smooth-bore barrel or a rifled one? I would assume that rifled barreled are illegal in and around Turkey.

    It says that the “choke” is fixed, that makes some sense for a shotgun but not for a .223 Rem. I don’t think I would like to choke any .223 Remington.

    If you want to learn more about the .410 Bore ammunition check Wikipedia.

    I was eventually able to dig out these, higher quality pictures.

    Here you can see details of the revolver.

    Other .410 Ga options

    I know there are a few revolvers, with the potential to use .410 Ga. Like the Smith & Wesson Governor and the Taurus Judge.

    I had a look at the S&W Governor a few years ago, and it looked really nice. However I have heard (as in don’t know for sure) that some of these revolvers may struggle to revolve more than two shots, as the 410 shell is pushed back obstructing the action. However with a .410 Buckshot I think it can be a rather good truck gun, even with only two shots.


    If you’re looking for a similar product to the Sibergun 410, Rossi USA have a revolving rifle/shotgun, called the Rossi Circuit Judge in 45 Colt / .410 Ga.

    You can see the Rossi in action here.

    Also check 410 for more.

    Do you have any experience with .410 Firearms? Please share in the comments. I look forward to reading them.

    Eric B

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